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slip fall scream

By KJ Mullins
Posted Feb 19, 2011 in Health
There is nothing like winter in Toronto. Some days it is nice and some days its ice city. On Wednesday while the weather outside wasn't frightful one sidewalk was. It appears that the sidewalk had not bee properly maintained (considering the amount of ice that I was sitting on but that's a bit later in this tale of ouch). I had almost slipped twice while making my way home with morning coffee and Pepsi and only one last bit of sidewalk to go before I was in more of the clear. (The rest of the sidewalk was in good order) when I slipped and could not recover. I heard the crack and the pain was immediate. It was one of those times that I hadn't carried my cell with me but a man who had been walking his puppy went to fetch some one from my house as I tried to convince myself this was just a sprain.
I already knew the answer as I gingerly fingered into my boot and felt a large grapefruit sized ankle. As neighbours came out to help and keep me warm (I was sitting on several inches of ice because I could not move at all) I was told to remove the boot.
Several new words in the English language were invented as the boot left my foot. An ice pack appeared and was quickly removed the pain was just too great.
My son was at my side by then and ran back to wake up my husband who appeared about 10 minutes later. It was decided that a call for an ambulance was in order. (Silly me, still had some idea that a cab ride would do it)
After a 15 to 20 minute wait the ambulance with wonderful Toronto EMS arrived and off I went to Mount Sinai Hospital. I wasn't the only one there Wednesday morning- in fact I was number 6 and number 7 came in just after me. Ankles were not faring very well that day.
I was taken to X-ray before a room was available. From X-ray I was taken into a room where I waited for the doctor to appear. The doctor (I am getting older but all the docs now look like cute little boys and girls!) walked in and asked if my X-ray was done he then went to the desk right outside of my room. When you hear the doctor say "Oh man!" you know the news isn't going to be great.
The word was the three bottom bones of my fibula were basically shattered with lovely bone fragments all around. On top of that the foot was out of alignment. In the ER my foot was relocated (I was asleep for that one thank goodness) and I was sent to a room to wait for the surgery to fix the bones.
I had been told the chance of surgery would be late Thursday or early Friday. As the midnight clock crowed the pain was more intense, so much so that the splint that had been applied had to be removed as the foot and ankle were swelling at a rapid pace. I was scheduled to be the first surgery of the day, there was a fear that the tissues were starting to die.
Oh and while I was waiting for that news the anesthesiologist had discovered that on top of my previous mitral valve issues I had something going on with my aorta. A heart echo was needed before surgery.....except there wasn't time. It was decided that I would be 'awake' for the surgery with a spinal to put less stress on my heart. (I have a hard time with being put to sleep, my body doesn't like to wake back up)
Long story short (basically cause I am getting really tired now) I now have a long plate with eight screws. I am on 6 weeks of bed rest and then weeks of rehab.
Fun? Not really.
And that was my week. Hope yours was much better.

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