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Please Help Turn Google Green and Support Iranians on Valentine's Day!

By Johnny Simpson
Posted Feb 13, 2011 in World
To all concerned, as many of you know, Feb. 14 may very well be a world-shaking day in Iran. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of protesters will be taking to the streets of Iran and risking all in their great cause of freedom and democracy, as millions already have in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and now Algeria. Iranian activists have already launched a campaign requesting Facebook change its logo to green on honor of 25 Bahman, which is the Persian calendar date and now umbrella term for tomorrow's planned mass protests throughout Iran.
That petition to Facebook has swelled by 5000 signatures in the past four hours! A new petition has just been initiated to request that Google also turn its logo green in support of Iranian freedom as well. Though symbolic to most of us, the change by Google in honor of 25 Bahman would be more inspirational to Iranian activists and protesters than you could possibly know. Please sign the linked petition below, then please spread the word. Thank you. And Happy Valentine's Day!
UPDATE @ 3:41pm EST: The petition is now at 370 signatures and 570 Facebook Recommends in less than an hour! Thank you all so very much, on behalf of myself and so many Iranians who love this idea and are now championing it themselves. If you have time, please also visit the Facebook page of tireless Green activist Amir Irani, who worked very hard on this idea and drafted a companion Persian writeup for the petition.
Amir has been working tirelessly in the cause of Iranian freedom and human rights for a long time now. Please give him a LIKE to let him know you support him, as well as all the other Iranians who now stand on the threshold of a major chapter of world history. Should Iran become even a quasi-functional democracy, it will change the world in ways we can't even predict now. Thank you all again for your phenomenal support. Johnny Simpson.
UPDATE @ 5:00pm EST: Up to 736 signatures and 850 FB Recommends! Thank you all again for your wonderful support. Will be submitting to Google in short order :)