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Should you adopt a mixed-breed dog?

By Ellen Palmer
Posted Feb 11, 2011 in Environment
Mixed-breed dogs are one of a kind OOAK; in General, mixed-breeds are less likely to have physical and emotional problems, which are caused by inbreeding pure-breeds.
On the other hand your most likely not able to predict what the mixed-breed puppy will grow-up to look like, or what they will act like as well.
Many will tell you the size of the puppies feet will indicate, generally how big the dog will get, there is one more thing about mixed-breed puppy’s future appearance and behavior it is if you get to meet the puppy’s mother and father.
Adopting a mixed-breed can come from different sources, your vet, the newspapers, the humane society, also the animal shelter.
Wanting to know why the puppy or dog is up for adoption? Is a good question to ask? Find out the shot history, or if it has any problems that you should be aware of, or personality problems.
Find the animal that fits your needs and life style, many shelters will help place you with an animal on a trial basis to see if it will work out.
Most new adopted animals in most cases have to go through a period of adjustment; this is for both you and the animal. When a pet comes to live with you should have its sleep arrangements all ready worked out.
Choosing a pet, or animal, and going to the shelter, or humane society can be overwhelming. The puppies, dogs, kittens and cats all need new homes; the sad eyes peering at you, and the thoughts in your mind of them shouldn’t influence your thinking. This will be hard but you must do it.
Try to observe the animals, with the wanting coming or deciding coming to fast. Watch the animals; look for bright and clear eyes, clean and pleasant smelling ears and skin. Look at the teeth make sure there is a nice set of choppers with no over or under bite.
Important in choosing a male puppy that it should have both testicles, it not this will cause problems later on.
Look for personality traits that are a plus in your book, or appeals to you personally.
People have told me to avoid puppies that are intrepid or withdrawn because it may present problems later.
When you find you lifelong companion, you must promise that your house will always be theirs; you will feed, walk, and love.
Taking your new family member to the vet, it is just like having a new baby in the house.
The mixed-breed dog as you know can come in many combinations, from large to small even toy breeds. These animals are God’s little treasures with hearts and souls. That will find a spot in your heart, and soul.

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