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Calling me names is useless and you know it...

By Ellen Palmer
Posted Feb 9, 2011 in Lifestyle
Is there anything wrong in your marriage or current relationship?
When you see an image in your head of the person that you love, or the person that you’re in love with what do you see?
What would cause you to belittle them, hurt their feelings, and put them down? This is the person that your supposedly are in love with.
When the love one in your life seeks peace and comfort in your arms, wanting to live out the almighty perfect dream of life, with the one they love.
What changes, not knowing what you really love, letting people influence you, listening to gossip, or do you just fall out of love?
Marriages and relationships are thrown away every day, but do you remember falling in love the moment your eyes met, the wow when you first kissed, trusting this person with all your soul, capturing that moment on the recorder in your head, of what exactly she was wearing, or he was so kind, the first date, the cologne or perfume they were wearing.
So ask yourself this question was that important to you? Do you remember the feeling in your heart?
So many marriages and relationships are given up on, try to reminisce about the day you met, where you met, etc.
Important things to remember, don’t flirt with the best friend, male or female. Remember don’t flirt with his or her worst enemy.
Your paths crossed for a reason, avoid things that you know are wrong and will not make your mate upset. And you are the one that know what causes problems in your marriage or relationship.
Understand yourself, don’t call each other names, don’t bad mouth each other to friends, don’t listen when someone want to tell you gossip about your mate, don’t fight over money.
Focus all your attention on your mate, and try to work it out before going to the divorce lawyer, especially if there are children involved, too many children are growing up in single parent households.
Don’t involve the outside world in your problems, help isn’t asking a friend who is right and who is wrong, if they are a true friend they shouldn’t take sides.
Really these are just suggestions to help, and there isn’t anything that can be said about the perfect marriage, because even very happy couples fight, and marriages and relationships aren’t always perfect.
But if you work at it as a couple on the problems at hand, maybe you can prevent yourselves from becoming a divorce statistic.
But most of all avoid calling each other names, work together to have a stronger more understanding relationship.

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