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Cosgrove ends anti-Facebook hate campaign shock horror!!

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Feb 4, 2011 in Internet
Newsdesk - Virulent and vocal Facebook-killer Michael Cosgrove has given up his single-handed battle against impossible odds to rid Digital Journal of the FB plague.
What triggered his historical decision? (Oh screw the Cosgrove-his-third person rubbish)
I took that decision after reading Cynthia Trowbridge's blog yesterday. That blog and its comments discussed the idea of FB members being able to vote for blogs on DJ. Fine. But the wider ranging comments occasioned by my question about the very presence of FB on DJ were all intelligently phrased and pertinent, whatever I may think of the ideas they expressed.
I am lucky in that although my articles can be long, not necessarily accessible in content, and maybe even boring for some, I actually do have people on the site who vote for them. That is appreciable, to say the least. That means that most of my articles are very visible on DJ.
I say that to illustrate that my objection to FB isn't because I feel my work is occulted by it but because its influence shapes the site's existence in an unfair manner.
Those politely expressed objections to my comment pointed out and confirmed that most members use social media, including FB, to promote their work. Well, I would like to thank those commenters because they told me something that the site had always denied, which is that using those media to a greater or lesser degree is done and that it can get your articles voted or not and earn you more money or not.
I have always said that people using FB to promote their work is understandable, but I have also said that abuse exists too, in order to promote such and such an article.
And that means money and exposure. Those on FB get more votes, more exposure, and they take more of the money-pot. Others are ignored.
I'll buy that, it's all part of the game.
But don't tell me that it's supposed to help the social development of DJ, because it isn't.
I have laid down my guns about FB this evening, sure, and I just wanted to say that I shall never mention FB again in any context outside of news, but I shall also know that it is FB which largely shapes DJ's front page and earnings.
All that means that I don't visit the homepage anymore, I prefer just to enter the names of my preferred writers who do not manipulate the site, I comment less, and I don't really think that DJ's homepage is representative of what I consider journalistic ethics to be, and nor is its pay structure.
That's it, that's what I wanted to say.
Good blog that, Cynthia, and sorry to all those who have borne the brunt of my anti-FB offensive, but rest thee tranquil, I've had more than my say, I know, and thus it stops here.

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