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Creative promo of American TV shows using mini dioramas

By David Silverberg
Posted Feb 3, 2011 in Entertainment
Aren't you sick of boring TV promos? You know, the ones showing fast-paced clips of a show's clutch scenes, maybe some snappy dialogue there, a flash of cleavage there. Yawn. Been there, seen that.
I was pleasantly surprised to see an ad from Belgian premium cable network Prime, plugging its lineup of American TV shows. Definitely caught my eye because it used inventive miniature dioramas to encapsulate each show's essence.
My favourites are Hung, The Pacific and Six Feet Under. Although Californication is also well done, if you know the show well.
Come on, North America, get creative with your promos! Belgium's got the right idea - hook us in with creativity instead of rehashed clips.
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