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The sexy PETA ad you might see during the Super Bowl

By David Silverberg
Posted Jan 31, 2011 in Entertainment
PETA wants to turn you on to vegetables. Its recent ad, which it hopes to air during next week's Super Bowl, shows various scantily clad women playing with vegetables in a very, well, unholy way.
Based on some of the more evocative scenes, is PETA just trying to drum up attention for the ad, knowing NBC will likely turn it down? After all, in 2009 NBC declined PETA's Veggie Love ad because of its saucy material.
Now, with "Casting Session", the ad features outtakes from that ad, so there isn't much creativity here, but just more scenes of women deepthroating cucumbers and rubbing carrots over their bodies. Yum?
Warning: the video (embedded below) shows women in various states of undress and in some sexually suggestive possessions. Vegetables are also being show in various states of sexiness.

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