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Feedback on Judyth Piazza's "The American Perspective"

By Ernest Dempsey
Posted Jan 30, 2011 in Internet
Here is some of the feedback that Judyth Piazza, host of The American Perspective radio show, has received over the years.
"I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Judyth Piazza on many occasions. As a regular on her Student Operated Press (SOP) programs, I consider her not only a thought-provoking journalist but also a good friend. She is extremely professional, personable, intelligent, and hardworking. Plus, she`s one of the most ambitious and determined people I`ve ever met. We`re birds of a feather in this regard and that`s just one of that many reasons why I respect and like her so much. I look forward to working with her for many years to come."
"Judyth Piazza is one of the most ambitious and hard working individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting."
- Zig Ziglar
"Judyth Piazza continues to let her magnificent light bless all whom she comes in contact with."
- Yolanda King
"Judyth is terrific and real pro."
- Kenny Miller - "I was a teenage werewolf"
"Judyth Piazza, journalist extroidianaire!"
- Tony Little
"Judyth Piazza and the SOP rock! They do interesting reports on all kinds of people and ask really good questions that get you thinking! I think my interview with them was one of the most accurate and most fun of all the interviews I have done. I like to listen to the show because they cover so many interesting things and you never know what you might learn!"
- Hunter Gomez - National Treasure
"Over the years, I have been interviewed by hundreds of reporters, anchors, and a variety of correspondents but no interview has been more deftly accomplished (and enjoyed) than the one by Judyth Piazza. Judyth is insightful, intelligent, and fun, a combination that makes talking to her always worthwhile for both the interviewee and the listener to her show. I always look forward to talking to her, no matter the subject. Clearly, Judyth is on to something good and I only see great things for her in the future."
- Homer Hickam, author October Sky, The Far Reaches, and many other books.
"Judyth Piazza is one of the emerging brilliant entrepreneurs in the 21st century. When I first met her a number of years ago, I was immediately impressed with her unwavering tenacity, attention to detail, and passionate commitment to achieve her objectives. Many times people dream up lofty ideas and concepts. However, they rarely execute on their ideas. Judyth is the exact opposite. The word "No" is foreign to her and finds a way to get a "Yes" out anyone. This enterprising young woman is an incredible model for any aspiring individuals who are looking to make a difference."
- Simon T. Bailey, President of Imagination Institute

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