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Best action scene ever in Tamil movie Endhiran?

By David Silverberg
Posted Jan 27, 2011 in Entertainment
Making the viral rounds online this week is a 9-minute clip from the Indian film Endhiran, featuring some of the most intense action sequences I've ever come across. Picture it as a mix of Matrix, Terminator and a feverish dream.
Killer robots battle endless battalions of Indian policemen and soldiers, and these robots magnetize to create wild robo-creatures such as a cobra or drill. OK, a drill isn't an animal but these robots seem to go all Green Lantern and create new objects by sticking together. Literally.
For some reason, this clip is dubbed in Russian so it's difficult to follow the storyline. As if you need to. The action scene and special effects are worth it alone.
And sorry Amazon hunters, it's

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