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The Butcher, the Baker or the Candlestick Maker

By Joie Maccarone
Posted Jan 14, 2011 in World
After I picked my 4yr old granddaughter from school, I took her banking with me. We also had to take a trip to the bakery and to the butcher's. While we were at the butcher's, she needed to pee and couldn't wait. I asked the fellow if she could use their bathroom. He nodded and led us to the back of the store and then said, that it was okay and that I could wait in the store while he took her down the stairs to the bathroom. He mentioned that he has a little one too and loves kids. I said, "No, I'll go with her." The washroom happened to be in a far off corner in the basement. I had this creepy feeling come over me. Why would he want to take her down there himself, especially when he had work to do behind the counter? I've been going there for the past ten years, so we're on friendly terms with each other. But what bothered me was the thought that he could be, you know...when we went back up to the store and paid for our stuff at the counter, he engaged me in a conversation about how smart kids are these days and spoke a bit about his daughter and then pointed out at how cute my little one is. I followed his eyes as we were leaving the store and I didn't like the way he was looking at her. I hate to think that the nice man who runs the butcher store and cuts up my meat for me could be that sort of person. But these days, one never knows, now does one?

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