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Personal milestone on DJ- One million hits

By Paul Wallis
Posted Jan 13, 2011 in Internet
I started writing on DJ on May 29, 2007. I've now published 1548 articles, as of today, and just clocked up my million hits. When I started on the site I'd written a few articles, but not news. I'm actually a book writer, and I soon found I couldn't get enough of it. I also enjoyed the sheer scope of subjects, including a lot of my favorite topics which I was now able to write about, and nobody could stop me.
The first thing I learned on DJ was that the basic tenets of journalism make a lot of sense. I was able to pull apart stories and find the logic and the contradictions. That helped a lot when I had to fit a description of Keynes and Friedman's ideas into an article to explain a book review.
The other thing I learned was how to source articles. It soon became obvious that I was looking at a lot of rehashed and sadly underdone information in basic news articles. I learned how to find original source materials, rather than stick to the derivative stuff that often missed the point of the source information.
I'd like to thank Chris, David, Alex and Janusz in particular for their many supportive and helpful insights and advice. I really needed the feedback and the explanations.
I'd also like to thank our DJ regulars, particularly Joie Maccarone, Michael Cosgrove, Debra Myers, Hans Smedbol, skeptikool, Bart Van Bockstaele, (should be on the site more often, Bart, so I can spell your name properly) The Trowbridge Conspiracy, sumdume, and everybody else who I couldn't possibly fit into a blog size piece, for their comments and support, wouldn't have missed it.
What's really scary is that I have no intention of stopping, either...