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Brutal thieves, the beautiful and the cash

By Yulia Costas
Posted Jan 12, 2011 in Crime
In ancient Greece, young people used to sacrifice hair curls at the altar of Apollo during the initiation rituals. Now it seems some people sacrifice the other’s hair... at the money altar.
Years come and go, seasons change, fashions change, politicians change (where there is no totalitarianism), but one thing remains unperturbed. It is the interest of every woman to be attractive. In this context I would like to mention some news from the ended year that has less connection with the mystical, spiritual life or the vitality of the hair, and more with violence.
It is clear that all women have traditions that distinguish us around the world, but we also have common habits. One of these is to take care of our hair either using a rich shampoo in a developed country, or the natural extracts of plants, seeds, in countries where there are no other possibilities, or simply because we prefer them. Of course, the focus of our effort is being accepted by all those who appreciate our ability to keep ourselves beautiful even if we do not. Times are changing. It seems that the compliment, acceptance, enjoyment of the eyes were lost momentarily in two different countries when events with the same modus operandi came to light. A third dramatic incident occurred in another country when a thief got caught in a fire fight:
A young lady from Buenos Aires was returning to her home in La Paternal. She was getting off of the bus when two men attacked her with a sharp object planning not to steal the bag, or the shoes, or her watch. All they wanted is to cut her hair. The incident occurred on December 8.
According to the digital newspaper El (link in Spanish), the young girl felt that at one point someone attacked her from behind:
“I had done a bun and I felt a pull on my hair. I thought they wanted to rob me and not knowing which weapon they had, I stepped back. The first thing I did was grab the bag. Then I roll myself into a ball with the bag in the middle. I did not feel that something else was happening. I got up and saw them running. In the struggle they cut my hair off, the victim told. They were clever. If they would have stolen the money, it would have been only $ 15; by stealing the hair they will have $300, because I had long hair" said Jessica, a young graduate teacher in Crafts.
These hair thieves are so good at running that they should dedicate themselves to football and work with some sport team. I do not think they will have this opportunity if they are caught. Long live sport! Down with robbery!
Unfortunately (for the victims), there is a market; the hair demand (wigs and hair extensions) creates an offer: At we can find numerous suppliers of natural hair from Argentina.
According to the reporter Guillermo Del Sol Pérez’s (who had previously held a hunger strike in support of another hunger striker Guillermo Farinas) report for the digital journal “Cubanet” on Dec. 24, a new form of theft thrives in Santa Clara, Cuba. Recently, several women with long hair have been raided by masked men seeking to steal hair on the streets of the city. In Virginia, very near of the “Ernesto Guevara Square”, there have been two rounds. As usual with such crimes, the official media have not reported the matter, but is rumoured to have been occurred at least 10 cases.
The attackers operate in pairs or trios; they grab their victims by the hair, threaten with knives and they cut off their hair with scissors. The ribbons are then sold on the black market. According to the length, it can cost up to $60, about 1500 pesos in national currency.
Possibly, short hair fashion will last for a long time, perhaps until the hair thieves find a better lucrative occupation. It is not expected that they will learn to appreciate more a blooming flower than a cut flower in theirs hands. No, provided that a pig can be bought with the money from stolen hair. Let us remember that Cuban farmers are forbidden to kill and sell beef. Those who kill beef without government permission can get three to eight years in prison. Cubans can only slaughter pigs, lambs, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs or frogs. The survival food list is always disturbing.
The connection between a stolen hair and the pork plate in Cuba is very tight.
December has always been the most violent month in Cuba, with fears that violence will rise considering the amount of announced massive government layoffs and the popular discontent by new economic measures.
So far no arrests have been made in this regard. After all, it is not the hair of Ramses II, pharaohs of Egypt that was stolen. To make the hair to grow strong again, women victims will only have to undergo a strong diet of avocado fruit and zero meat. That's what my Cuban friends say. I have my doubts that this can work. Too much avocado produces flatulence and zero meat produce a good air gap in the stomach…
To be continued.
Further reading at Cubanet (in Spanish). You can also see Guillermo Del Sol Pérez’s Photo (scroll down the page) and Guillermo Farina’s photo.

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