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article imageOp-Ed: Training for your first or next job online

By Alexander Baron     Jan 8, 2014 in Business
Everybody is online nowadays, but can you make it pay? Some are skeptical about training and qualifying online, others less so.
Can An Online Education Actually Land You A Job? was the title of an article that appeared before Christmas on a well-known tech news site. Among its more interesting points is from a Google executive, namely that there are some teams at the Internet giant on which 14 percent of staff do not have college degrees.
"After two or three years, your ability to perform at Google is completely unrelated to how you performed when you were in school," says Laszlo Block, "Because the skills you required in college are very different."
That may be true, but whatever else it may be called, Google is not an ordinary company.
We all know about MOOCs now, but what else is there out there? Okay, there are some professions that require hands-on experience, so you won't be able to qualify as a doctor without attending university, but what about something slightly less ambitious? There are medical assistant courses online, especially in the United States.
In Europe including the UK, a non-profit, intergovernmental organisation called the European Bioinformatics Institute offers free courses including for those with no previous experience.
The more obvious choices though are those related to computer sciences, programming and related disciplines such as graphic design or HTML. Courses in these both free and paid are too numerous to list here.
If you decide to sign up for a course you don't have to begin as a complete novice. Probably the best place to start is YouTube where you will find all manner of tasters including complete lectures like this Introduction to HTML Programming by an individual tutor or this one, Fundamentals of Computer Programming (Part 1) from an actual classroom.
Regardless of what the man from Google said, if you are under 20 or if you are a parent, you or your kids will need some sort of qualification for tomorrow's world. Last October, the editor of the London commuter freesheet City A.M. made some startling observations: in the US, over 8,000 waiters have PhDs or equivalent qualifications, as have 5,057 cleaners. Roughly 317,000 waiters have university degrees, as have 80,000 bartenders and 18,000 parking attendants.
The same trend can be seen here, and it might be added in all other advanced nations from Canada to South Korea. That means you need not only a qualification but the right qualification. Clearly, choosing that can be a job in itself.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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