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article imageMcDonald's takes down website due to ridicule and bad feedback

By Scott Tuttle     Dec 26, 2013 in Business
Oak Brook - On Thursday, McDonald's confirmed that it had suspended its McResources employee website due to all of the negative feedback and bad press that the site has brought to the fast food giant.
Originally intended as a resources website for McDonald's employees, posts from McResources began to go super-viral this year, as they became a source of public ridicule suggesting that higher-ranking McDonald's officials posting some of the suggestions were way out of touch with their employees.
Among other things, the posts included budget advice for full-time employees proposing that they spend $0 per month on heat for their homes and no more than $20 a month for health insurance, guides on how much to tip their pool cleaners and maids (two luxuries that are completely foreign to most McDonald's employees), and a suggestion for getting out of holiday debt by returning gifts to the store for refunds rather than opening them.
The proverbial straw that broke the camel's back was a post by a third-party vendor featuring a graphic of a fast food meal complete with a hamburger and fries under a heading that read "unhealthy choice" next to a similar graphic of a "healthy choice" meal consisting of a sub and a salad.
The text under the two graphics emphasized how “it is hard to eat a healthy diet when you eat at fast-food restaurants often. ...In general, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease must be very careful about choosing fast food because of its high fat, salt, and sugar levels.”
When asked why the fast food titan opted to take down the website, Lisa McComb, a McDonald's spokeswoman, replied that "between links to irrelevant or outdated information, along with outside groups taking elements out of context, this created unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary. None of this helps our McDonald's team members."
Though employees will no longer be able to access the McResources website, they will still be able to call a phone hotline for work-related questions or concerns, according to McComb.
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