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No matter how sleepy a town might be there is always a place for art and artists. And this is true for one such little town in Northern California called Sebastopol. On Main Street at the center of town is Sebastopol Gallery.

Photo Essay: Native art at Totem Bight Park, Ketchikan, Alaska Special

Ketchikan has the world's largest collection of totem poles. These imposing sculptures can be seen throughout the city and at several locations nearby. Totem Bight State Park contains 15 large totem poles and a replica of a traditional clan house.

Cannes closes with glittering ceremony

After nearly two weeks of stirring, sleek and thought-provoking movies -- and a couple of duds -- the Cannes Film Festival closed Sunday with an awards night to declare the winner of its coveted Palme d'Or.

Shirin Neshat, inadvertent narrator of history

Iranian-American artist Shirin Neshat's dark kohl-lined eyes are immediately recognizable. Now she is bringing their gaze on Iranian and Arab women's resistance to oppression to this most political of cities.

Review: 'Magneto #18' is last-minute redemption story during Secret Wars

In this comic book review, Magneto and his illegitimate daughter, Polaris, finally come together to save the city from doom in the incursion from 1610's Earth.

Review: 'Ms. Marvel #15' continues the betrayal of Kamala Khan

Kamala uses her wits to escape the clutches of Lineage and his group of Inhumans, which includes Kamran, where the villain reveals interesting news.

Standing ovation for first U.S. orchestra to tour Cuba since thaw

The first American orchestra to tour Cuba since a historic rapprochement between the two nations received a rousing ovation late Friday from a packed house in Havana.

Review: 7 life lessons from George Clinton's must-read autobiography Special

Watch who you trust. Be different and weird. Find the funk in your life when everything gets too vanilla. Those are some of the life lessons I took away from the autobiography of funk legend and Parliament Funkadelic founder George Clinton.

Blues legend B.B. King, 89, mourned by music world

Blues legend B.B. King, whose crisp, powerful guitar licks made him among the instrument's greatest masters and a towering influence for generations of musicians, has died at 89.

Cannes fest opens with star-studded gala for gritty drama

The Cannes Film Festival opened on Wednesday with a star-studded gala premiere of gritty French drama "Standing Tall" -- only the second time a female director has taken the first night slot.

Your unofficial guide to Toronto's South-North Griots Summit

In association with the Pan Am and Para-Pan Am games, a gathering of some of the most revered story tellers from African diaspora traditions are gathering in Toronto, Ontario Canada from May 28th-31st.

Review: 'Ant-Man #5' brings back Darren Cross as hero's archenemy

Scott Lang realizes that the stakes are high as he must get past a resurrected Darren Cross in order to save his daughter, Cassie.

Berlin Philharmonic votes on new chief conductor

The Berlin Philharmonic's members cloistered in an undisclosed location Monday to elect their next chief conductor, one of the most prestigious jobs in the world of classical music.

Review: 'Guardians Team-Up #5' is a cute and warmhearted adventure

Rocket Raccoon is reduced to monitor duty as he must work with the Pet Avengers to thwart two threats to Earth, one domestic and one intergalactic.

Review: 'Spider-Woman #7' is one big comedic WTF moment

Jessica Drew aka the titular "Spider-Woman" is ultimately taken to where the families of various villains are taken hostage, but it's not what she was expecting.

Oldest complete copy of 10 Commandments goes on display in Israel

Never before publicly shown in Israel, the 2,000 year-old Dead Sea Scroll containing a complete copy of the 10 Commandments will be displayed for a brief period of time at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

'Red One #2' beautifully reinvents US vs. USSR story plot

Vera, the titular Red One, leads the most interesting triple-life in this new series from Image Comics. She is a masked hero and a Soviet sleeper agent.

Review: 'Star Wars — Princess Leia #3' is political awakening for Leia

Princess Leia and her group travel to Planet Sullust, where the enclave of Alderaanian refugees are initially suspicious of her surprise visit.

Review: Strindberg’s marital drama comes alive in new Toronto revival Special

How often does independent theatre get as good as this? Coal Mine Theatre’s new production of “Creditors,” one of August Strindberg’s lesser-performed plays, is so alive with tension and piercing wit that it rarely feels like an antique.

Dulwich Picture Gallery's 'Spot the fake' painting is revealed

We look at the world, and sometimes, things are not what they seem, and we wonder, is our mind playing a trick on us? Now, thousands of people who came to Dulwich Gallery to "spot the fake" will find out which Old Master fooled them, and was a fake.

Review: Donald Miller gets personal again in 'Scary Close'

Author Donald Miller is something of a rock star — at least, as far as Christian writers go. His best-selling books and speaking engagements have gained him a wide audience.

Eyes on the prize: China cracks down on art, literary awards

First went the fancy banquets, then the lavish gift-giving. Now, China's ruling Communist Party has set its sights on a new target in its anti-corruption drive: art and literary prizes.

Novelists withdraw from New York gala in Charlie Hebdo protest

Six prominent novelists have withdrawn from a New York literary gala to protest against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo being honored with a freedom of expression award.

Review: Image's 'Lazarus #16' really makes a person question religion

Sister Bernard finds that her faith in God wanes as she continues traveling through Hock Family territory to carry out a secret mission for her benefactor.

Review: Top Cow's 'Postal #3' shows that Eden is incredibly subjective

Matt Hawkins' Postal #3 is available to purchase from Image Comics, under its Top Cow imprint, as it was released on April 22nd.

Mini film release: The Happy Potter Special

Deep within the rainforests of Kuranda, Far North Queensland, lurks a master ceramicist. For 40 years, Peter Thompson has laboured long and hard in the tireless pursuit of art, no matter the cost. 

Review: 'Spawn #251' leads Al Simmons on a new dark adventure

The death of Al Simmons' wife, Wanda, and their unborn child motivates him to retake the mantle of the titular Spawn and get to the bottom of everything.

Review: 'Ms. Marvel #14' is a romance gone wrong, but in a good way

Kamala Khan enters into a budding romance with Kamran in the latest issue of "Ms. Marvel," but ends up getting a lot more than what she bargained for.

Review: One year after 'Bring Back Our Girls,' an artist tries to heal us Special

Canadian artist James Picard has had enough of the "chin-up" mentality that has allowed millions of people to experience horrible, traumatic events and never discuss them again.

Studying the old masters made easier with new technology

A Vermeer, Van Eyck or Rembrandt hanging in a gallery can tell us a compelling story. But what lies beneath the coats of varnish and paints also tells a story. Now, conservators will be able to dissect what lies beneath in a non-invasive way.

German literary lion Gunter Grass dies at 87

Germany's Nobel-winning author, Gunter Grass, who acted as a moral compass for many in the postwar nation but later provoked criticism over his own World War II past, died Monday aged 87, his publishers said.

Review: 'Ant-Man #4' feels down to earth and like 'Miami Vice'

Scott Lang aka Ant-Man has no choice other than to employ the help of former villains to find the where his daughter, Cassie, has been kidnapped.

Shakespeare may have penned 'Double Falsehood' after all

A play published in 1728, allegedly wtitten by Lewis Theobald, called "Double Falsehood," has had scholars debating whether the "bard," William Shapespeare actually wrote it. New studies on the play do point to Shakespeare as the author.

Review: The world’s greatest horse/acrobat show blesses T.O. once again Special

How often can you say that a live theatrical show has utterly convinced you that you’ve travelled through time and space? Cavalia’s extravaganza “Odysseo” really is that kind of show. It’s almost like a dream, or an out-of-body experience.

Play about slain pro-Palestine activist returns to NY stage

A play about American activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza, is winning quiet acceptance in New York, where uproar postponed its debut a decade ago.

A big 'OOPS' — Quote on Maya Angelou stamp isn't hers

The U.S. Postal Service might be red-in-the-face over the newly released limited edition Maya Angelou Forever stamp, but they are defending their choice of the quote used on the stamp, even though it belongs to someone else.

Bosnian born of wartime rape in quest for his parents

Alen Muhic, abandoned at birth by his Muslim mother who was raped by a Serb soldier during the Bosnian war of the 1990s, went on a quest two decades later to find his biological parents.

Review: 'Guardians Team-Up #4' sisterly feel between Gamora & She-Hulk

The latest issue of Marvel Comics' "Guardians Team-Up" has Gamora teaming up with the likes of She-Hulk as they help each other out.

Owner of valuable Banksy painting duped into selling it for $175

Rabie Darduna, a father of six who lives in the Gaza Strip, was purposely duped into selling his million dollar painting by UK graffiti artist Banksy for $175. Banksy's works of art have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Review: When I'm 64 triumphant for rookie Canadian playwright Special

Motivated to create more roles for elderly women, rookie Canadian playwright Steve Hill has crafted a winner populated by six believable characters.

Polunin soars to Hozier's multi-viral video, 'Take Me to Church'

Ukrainian's international prince of dance, Sergei Polunin, performed a mesmerizing interpretation to Hozier's 2015 Grammy-nominated, "Take Me to Church." Filmed by the famous and daring photographer David LaChapelle, it is going viral.