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Timothy Spall is appearing in an adaptation of Harold Pinter's 'The Caretaker' at the Old Vic in London. The play offers a new take on the old classic.

Dutch painter Liseth Visser on what motivates and inspires her Special

This talented lady from the southern Netherlands is renowned for her beautiful, thought-provoking and deeply striking portraits. She agreed to answer some questions put to her by Digital Journal.

Review: The Force is with Ross, as ‘One-Man Star Wars’ returns to T.O. Special

You wouldn’t think a one-person Fringe show reenacting the basic plots of the original “Star Wars” trilogy would take a person very far, but British Columbia actor Charlie Ross has been doing this show for about fifteen years now.

Lego admits 'mistake' in Ai Weiwei bricks row

Lego billionaire Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen has admitted that the Danish toymaker's refusal to sell bricks to dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was a "mistake".

New Paris museum for one of world's top art collections

One of the world's biggest private art collections, amassed by French billionaire Francois Pinault, is to be housed in a new Paris museum a stone's throw from the Louvre, the city's mayor said Wednesday.

All the world's a stage for Shakespeare's 400th anniversary

Prince Charles joined top British actors live on stage in a surprise crack at playing "Hamlet", as thousands of William Shakespeare fans packed The Bard's hometown for the 400th anniversary of his death.

A Chinese eye delivers new perspectives on Europe's migrant crisis

Liu Xiaodong, the acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist, has put Europe's migrant crisis at the centre of an exhibition of new work which goes on show from Friday in Florence.

Huntington's Disease documentary to premiere in Canada Special Inc.has announced the Canadian Premiere of the award winning documentary, "The Huntington's Disease Project: Removing the Mask".

Op-Ed: Artist Cynthia Tom is a surrealist presence telling truths Special

The weather was gloriously summer-like this past Saturday April 16 as surrealist artist Cynthia Tom opened her 1890 Bryant Street studio to the public.

California appeals court restores state's teacher tenure system

A California appellate court has restored the state's system of awarding job security to teachers after two years on the job.

Review: Space age play 'X' explores the human condition Special

'X' is a new play taking place at London's Royal Court Theatre. The play runs as a sort of 'space horror', setting characters against each other and an occasional visitation from a demonic child.

Mourners pay final tribute to celebrated Malian photographer

Hundreds of mourners gathered in the Malian capital to pay their final respects to the late photographer Malick Sidibe, who won international acclaim with his vibrant black-and-white images which captured daily life in his native country.

Review: ‘Das Ding’ hits Toronto with eccentric take on globalization Special

If you’ve always wanted to see a play about a large, sentient cotton ball that travels around the world and observes how people’s behaviour interconnects through modern technology and economics, German playwright Philipp Löhle has you covered.

Iconic African photographer Malick Sidibe dies at 80

Pioneering Malian photographer Malick Sidibe, whose powerful black and white images of local life won him international acclaim and top awards, has died aged 80, his family said Friday.

Op-Ed: Vivid Sydney 2016

Vivid Sydney started out eight years ago as what may be called a look for the city, rather than a particularly interesting, diverse, cultural event. These days, it’s a mix of new elements, with a lot more intellectual grunt, themes and ideas.

Caravaggio found in attic is 'original' say some experts

A painting discovered in the attic of a house in France is an "authentic" work by Italian Renaissance master Caravaggio that could be worth up to 120 million euros, two experts said Tuesday.But others still have doubts over the spectacular canvas.

Gaza's architectural heritage fades, but one man resists

A surprise awaits beyond a black door adorned with a silver lotus flower at the end of a tangle of alleyways in Gaza's chaotic Old City.

London's reorientated conceptual art gallery Special

London's Tate Modern is one of the biggest and most innovative modern art centers in the world. The exhibit area consists of several large galleries. One is dedicated to conceptual art, and it has recently been revised. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Review: Joseph Beuys exhibition in London Special

Joseph Beuys, the German Fluxus, happening and performance artist, is currently the focus of a retrospective exhibit at London's Tate Modern. Digital Journal takes a look.

Review: New citizenship exhibition at London's Tate Modern Special

Citizenship is a difficult concept to pin down. Is it self-defined, shaped by the environment, or imposed by others? These are some of the key questions grappled with by artists over the years.

B.C. Arts Council awards $7 million in grants to artists, groups

The B.C. Arts Council announced its grant recipients on Saturday and the list is a long one. The council is doling out $7,097,150 to 313 B.C.artists and 93 community groups from towns and cities.

Online group tracks stolen art and negotiates for its return

The India Pride Project (IPP), a group of 700 people across the world is working to identify Indian artworks stolen from their original locations, and negotiates to have them returned.

Austria museum settles feud over Nazi-looted art

Vienna's famous Leopold Museum on Thursday settled a long-running feud over five Nazi-plundered drawings by Austrian painter Egon Schiele with the descendants of the works' Jewish former owner.

Stolen Munch recovered in Norway, two arrested

Norwegian police on Wednesday announced the recovery of a valuable lithograph by Edvard Munch which was stolen in 2009, with two men arrested.The artwork, named 'Historien' or 'History' in Norwegian, was retrieved undamaged, a statement said.

No rhyme, just reason: Poets taking on climate change Special

Research, intricate planning and powerful words make some of today's most interesting poems about the race against climate change, reaching an audience that mightn't otherwise care.

Only a Rembrandt could create a Rembrandt, unless it's a computer

Computers today are capable of doing many things we never dreamed possible. They are able to drive cars, master complicated games and even send a rocket to Mars. But paint like Rembrandt Van Rijn? We can now say, yes.

Review: Wendy Doniger writes about the Kamasutra in her latest book

Wendy Doniger's latest book, "Redeeming the Kamasutra", takes a look at the much discussed yet little understood Indian text, the Kamasutra.

Mobile messages tell stories of refugees fleeing war

"Daddy, where are you now? In Turkey or Sweden?" a Syrian girl asks her father in her first voice message to him since he joined hundreds of thousands fleeing the war.

Thousands flock to screening of provocative Hong Kong film

Thousands of moviegoers on Friday flocked to mass screenings of Hong Kong film "Ten Years", a provocative futuristic portrayal of the city that has riled China.

Met Museum opens new gallery dedicated to contemporary art

The United State's largest museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, known simply as the Met, opened its latest gallery for contemporary art on March 16.

Op-Ed: JK Rowling posts Harry Potter rejection letter

If you’re a professional writer, you’ll be anything but surprised that Harry Potter was rejected. The book publishing industry is famous for rejecting the best in literature. It's also famous for turning writing a book in to an obstacle course.

Review: New Second City T.O. revue takes on Trudeau, Trump and more Special

Second City wouldn’t be Second City if it weren’t topical, and the latest revue by the comedy company’s Toronto team is tightly focused on what’s current in both T.O. and Canada: everything from Justin Trudeau to Syrian refugees gets a mention.

Itching to graffiti? Do it digitally on Florence treasures

The days of scribbling "I woz here" on Florence's historic monuments are gone: from now on would-be vandals will be able to graffiti via an app instead, with their messages kept for posterity."Welcome to Giotto's Campanile!

Paris auction house porters on trial for stealing 250 tonnes of valuables

Porters from Paris' most famous auction house went on trial Monday, accused of systematically stealing 250 tonnes of valuable antiques, jewels and artworks, including a Chagall painting and rare Ming dynasty porcelain.

Five Bacon paintings reported stolen in Madrid

Five paintings by British artist Francis Bacon worth an estimated 30 million euros have been stolen from the Madrid home of their owner, El Pais reported Sunday.

3-day World Cultural Festival begins in Delhi, India

The World Culture Festival organized by the Art Of Living Foundation began in New Delhi, India on March 11, running until March 13.

Presenting portrait painter to the stars, AraDona Special

The Los Angeles-based, classically-trained artist has been tasked with capturing some of the entertainment world's biggest names on canvas. He talked to Digital Journal.

Publishing's lack of diversity fails readers: Author Rai

As the film and music industries grapple with the fallout from the race rows that dogged the Oscars and the Brit Awards, English author Bali Rai warns publishing too has a serious diversity issue.

Doubt, faith and art: Three poets write it out Special

Three poets discuss how doubt, faith and art intersect in their latest collections, and how they evaluate their Christianity