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Shawna Platt breaks through the barriers that most self published authors face as an independent author. Her latest book, Her only Son, has been receiving five star reviews.

Martha Burns says Domesticated offers more than shock value Special

Canadian theatre guru Martha Burns asks us to take a different look at fantasy and creativity as she stars in Bruce Norris's Domesticated.

Review: David Fox owns the stage in otherwise routine 'King Lear' in T.O. Special

As Edmund the bastard might put it, the wheel of David Fox’s association with Theatre Passe Muraille is come full-circle. A cast member of 1972’s legendary “The Farm Show”, Fox is back at the Toronto venue as the Bard’s greatest tragic hero.

Iran orchestra barred over women musicians

A high-profile performance in Iran by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra was cancelled at the last minute because it was due to feature female musicians, its furious conductor said on Sunday.

'Wizard of Oz' dress sells for $1.56 mn in New York

A dress worn by Hollywood screen siren Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz" as the character Dorothy sold for $1.56 million in New York, Bonhams auction house said.

Warhol, Pollock, Rothko on rare display in Tehran

Some of the world's most expensive and rarely seen modern art, including works by the Americans Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, went on display Saturday in a major exhibition in Iran.

Review: Adrian Tomine's 'Killing and Dying' packs tons of heart in 6 illustrated stories Special

It's no longer uncommon for the graphic-novel medium to portray emotional stories as beautifully as classic novels, but Adrian Tomine goes a step further by packing complex stories into shorter bursts.

Review: The Vaults, London's new graffiti scene revealed Special

Every city has its graffiti scene. To some it is a mess, to others it is a cogent form of street art. In London, a disused taxi tunnel boasts several examples of interesting and vibrant images.

France to offer 'asylum' for IS-threatened artworks: Hollande

President Francois Hollande announced Tuesday that France planned to implement a "right to asylum" for artworks at risk from the Islamic State group which has destroyed heritage sites in Syria and Iraq.

'Breathtaking' 1,700-year-old mosaic unveiled in Israel

On Monday, Israel’s Antiquities Authority unveiled an exquisitely beautiful mosaic that paved the courtyard of a villa 1,700 years ago in the city of Lod, also known as Lydda, about 9.3 miles south of Tel Aviv.

Avant-Garde: Now and Then fashion show in Museum of Vancouver Special

Over the last weekend Museum of Vancouver (MOV), apart from its regular activity, was the host of Fashion Symposium. It was also the venue of the final part of the Symposium with a closing show called Fashion Avant-Garde: Now and Then.

The nine lives of Russia's Hermitage cats

For more than a century visitors have marvelled at the Hermitage Museum's precious collections, and for just as long dozens of cats have prowled the Saint Petersburg palace's sprawling cellars.

France marvels at class of woman who made Proust swoon

She was France's great high society beauty, who so drove Marcel Proust to distraction that he went to his grave begging for a photograph of her.

Monaco gives go-ahead to million-dollar art fraud trial

The fraud case against a Swiss art dealer accused of swindling up to a billion dollars from the owner of Monaco football club should go ahead, a court ruled Thursday.

'Blackboard' painting goes for record $70.5 mn in NY

It may look little more than blackboard scrawls to the untrained eye, but a Cy Twombly work fetched $70.53 million in New York, setting a new auction record for the painter.

Op-Ed: Expensive art or garbage? Both, as NY auction prices show

Art collectors are a strange breed. They spend a fortune on old art, however unnecessary or superseded, and don’t spend a cent on new artists. Apparently loving “Art” means adding a few dollar metrics to the rampant affection.

Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs dead at 85

Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs, who was a co-founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, has passed away at 85. He was best known for his religious imagery.

JFK's number plates sold on auction along with Titanic last menu

An auction of political and Americana memorabilia in Dallas Saturday saw US President John F. Kennedy's limousine number plates along with the last dinner menu from the Titanic sold to anonymous bidders.

Review: Intriguing 'anti-fashion' statues exhibited in London Special

Using everyday objects to create a series of intriguing statues, degree students at Kingston University exhibited some impressive work over the weekend.

From slum to bookshop, Brazil drug queen turns writer

She started sniffing glue at age six to ease the hunger of life in a Brazilian slum. She got her first revolver when she was 11.Now 54, Raquel de Oliveira, once the first lady of the drug trade in the Rio de Janeiro favelas, has taken up the pen.

Egypt scanning for Nefertiti's tomb encouraging: Minister

Infra-red scanning of King Tutankhamun's tomb could support a British archeologist's theory that Queen Nefertiti -- or another ancient Egyptian royal -- is also buried there, Egypt's antiquities minister said Thursday.

Review: Campy ‘Holmes’ touring production is a little too elementary Special

Like Batman, James Bond and other iconic heroes, Sherlock Holmes has seen so many reinventions that the original image is almost forgotten. Arthur Conan Doyle would faint if he were alive to see what pop culture has made of his famed creation.

Ancient warrior's tomb and huge treasure hoard found in Greece

US archaeologists in Greece have uncovered the skeleton of an ancient warrior that has lain undisturbed for more than 3,500 years along with a huge hoard of treasure, the Greek culture ministry announced Monday.

New bust of the Queen of England 'looks like Tom Hanks'

Shanghai sculptor Chen Dapeng spent three months secretly sculpting a bust of Queen Elizabeth. In a gesture of reconciliation, the bust was said to have been given to the Queen and Royal Family last week. One problem though, it looks like Tom Hanks.

Op-Ed: 'Thieving Forest' now goes to audio book format Special

Fall has been an exciting time for local author Martha Conway. This past Oct. 29, she appeared at BookShop West Portal in a panel sponsored by the Women's National Book Association.

Fake photo of Ulysses S. Grant has fooled people for a century

A famous photograph showing General Ulysses S. Grant astride his horse at City Point, Virginia during the Civil War is actually a compilation of three separate images. The discovery was made by researchers at the Library of Congress.

Op-Ed: Films as far away as Kazakstan will premiere at Superfest Special

Films from far away as Kazakhstan will be making a premiere at the 29th Annual Superfest: International Disability Film Festival this coming Nov. 14. One of the festival's coordinators Professor Emily Beitiks, PhD took some time to talk about it.

Vincent van Gogh $200m painting remains at Yale, per court ruling

A $200m Vincent van Gogh painting remains at Yale University, per a U.S. appeals court agreement with a lower court ruling. Pierre Konowaloff's claim that "The Night Café" painting was stolen from his family during the Russian Revolution were dismissed.

CNET writer attempts sci-fi novel with a 'multiwriter' twist

CNET writer Eric Mack is attempting his first novel, but if things go his way, he'll be getting a lot of help from the Internet at large.

Review: 'Book of Mormon' has a superb start in Phoenix Special

The Book of Mormon, the Tony-winning musical by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, started the Phoenix leg of its national tour this week, and the cast and crew gave an excellent performance Wednesday night.

Op-Ed: Artist strives to use art exhibits as vehicles of healing Special

For more than a decade artist Cynthia Tom has been establishing and curating personal and group art expositions. Sometimes described as a visual or surreal artist, Cynthia's work is about bringing the subconscious to the conscious.

Bolshoi names new ballet chief to replace acid-attacked Filin

Russia's Bolshoi Theatre on Monday announced that La Scala's Makhar Vaziev will take over as ballet director, replacing Sergei Filin, who suffered permanent eye damage from an acid attack.

China's Ai Weiwei off to play as fans answer call for Lego

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei said Monday his plan to create a Lego artwork can go ahead as donations of the toy poured in from fans after the Danish company refused his bulk order on political grounds.

Review: California Ceramic artist is a potter's alchemist for glazes Special

The second floor Gallery at Sonoma Community Center is currently featuring watercolor painter Dick Cole and ceramic artist Chic Lotz. Her work shimmered and gleamed as lights from above gave her work a certain twinkle.

Poverty expert Angus Deaton wins Nobel Economics Prize

US-British microeconomist Angus Deaton won the Nobel Economics Prize on Monday for groundbreaking work using household surveys to show how consumers, particularly the poor, decide what to buy and how policymakers can help them.

Frankfurt book fair opens in controversy as Rushdie sparks Iran boycott

The world's biggest book fair opens Wednesday under a cloud of controversy with Iran calling on all Muslim nations to boycott the exhibition because author Salman Rushdie has been invited to speak.

Egypt starts repairing Tutankhamun's botched beard

Egypt started work Saturday to remove a crust of dried glue on the beard of legendary boy pharaoh Tutankhamun's golden mask after a botched repair job on the priceless relic.

Spain banker accused of trying to smuggle Picasso art

Courts are prosecuting a prominent Spanish banker accused of trying to smuggle a 26 million-euro Picasso painting out of Spain on a yacht, sources said Friday.

Sotheby's to auction Picasso's 'La Gommeuse'

A rare Pablo Picasso painting from the collection of US tycoon Bill Koch that will be sold on November 5 was shown in London for the first time on Friday.

Full list of Nobel Peace Prize winners

Here is the full list of Nobel Peace Prize laureates from 1901, when the prize was first awarded:2015: The National Dialogue Quartet (Tunisia)2014: Kailash Satyarthi (India) and Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan)2013: The Organisation for the Prohibition of C...

Pride, excitement and blank looks in Minsk as Alexievich wins Nobel

In two of Minsk's largest bookstores on Thursday afternoon, local author Svetlana Alexievich's books were on prominent display after she won the Nobel prize -- but only in an edition published in Russia.