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Motivated to create more roles for elderly women, rookie Canadian playwright Steve Hill has crafted a winner populated by six believable characters.

Polunin soars to Hozier's multi-viral video, 'Take Me to Church'

Ukrainian's international prince of dance, Sergei Polunin, performed a mesmerizing interpretation to Hozier's 2015 Grammy-nominated, "Take Me to Church." Filmed by the famous and daring photographer David LaChapelle, it is going viral.

Review: ‘Daisy Theatre’ brings its irreverent puppetry back to T.O. Special

Puppetry ain’t kids’ stuff these days, and nobody in Canada knows this more than Ronnie Burkett. If you thought “Avenue Q” was edgy, just wait until you experience the dark hilarity of “The Daisy Theatre”, which returned to Toronto this week.

Review: 'Guardians Team-Up #3' confusing unless you read X-Men crossover

Ronan the Accuser pays the price for disobeying the Kree's Supreme Intelligence to save Hala in the latest issue of "Guardians Team-Up."

Indian mission digitizes 3 million ancient manuscripts

India's National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM) has digitized over 3 million ancient manuscripts and 18.5 million pages in the 12 years since its inception.

Review: 'Star Wars — Princess Leia #2' shows that Leia has the 'chops'

Princess Leia shows that she is not a pushover in the Marvel Comics' "Star Wars: Princess Leia #2." The journey slowly gets interesting as Leia is in a race against time.

Statue of Buddha's death discovered in Pakistan

Archaeologists in Pakistan have unearthed the largest statue ever found at the site of Takshashila, the ancient university, depicting the the death of Buddha.

The enduring literary legacy of 'Don Quixote' writer Cervantes

Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, who died in 1616 and whose apparent remains were identified Tuesday, is considered the father of the modern novel, with his "Don Quixote" often listed as one of the world's greatest works of fiction.

Swedish cartoonist draws Prophet Muhammad as a dog, wins award

Cartoonist, Lars Vilks, drew Prophet Muhammad as a dog in 2007, causing Denmark to become the terrorists' map of "preferred targets." Becoming fearful for his life, he lives under heavy guard in Sweden. For this, he has won a prize for courage.

Review: 'Ms. Marvel #13' is loaded with many interesting surprises

Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel, struggles with juggling her superhero and personal lives. She ultimately learns that there are powerful malignant Inhumans waiting to strike.

Author Terry Pratchett dead at 66

British fantasy author Terry Pratchett, famed for his Discworld novels, has died aged 66, following a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Dreaming big for little people Special

Shona Hammond Boys has been instrumental in popularising the concept of children’s Art Houses across the globe. Now a “viral movement on a roll," the official website has received over 4,000,000 visits.

Review: 'Star Wars — Princess Leia #1' is all about the 'girl power'

Leia learns how to be more than just a mere "symbol" for the Rebellion when she joins a new heroine, Evaan, on a journey to locate the surviving citizens of Alderaan. Her story takes place after "Star Wars: A New Hope."

Review: ʻFawlty Towers’ tribute debuts in Toronto; don’t mention the food Special

Nearly forty years after the show’s debut, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get a third series of “Fawlty Towers”. But if you’re desperate for a substitute, along with a meal, you could do worse than “Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience”.

Stolen 1911 Picasso seized in NY by Homeland Security

Stolen some 10 years ago, Picasso's $2.5M century-old cubist painting, "La Coiffeuse," has been seized by the U.S. Homeland Security. It was found in a New York mail room wearing a $37 Fed Ex shipping label.

Maya Angelou honored with forever stamp by U.S. Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service announced on Monday that beloved poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou will be honored with a Forever Stamp. The details of the design and release date will be given out at a later date, according to the USPS.

Exhibit on Buddhist art from Myanmar opens in Asia Society

The Asia Society will be displaying a series of sacred art pieces from Myanmar, for the first time ever on American soil. The exhibit titled "Buddhist Art of Myanmar" began on February 10 and will end on May 10.

Review: Toronto production of ‘Cannibal! The Musical’ is great silly fun Special

When “South Park” co-creator Trey Parker made a three-minute joke trailer for “Alferd Packer: The Musical” for film school in 1992, he probably didn’t imagine that it would evolve into a sellout stage show in another country two decades later.

Andy Warhol exhibit 'A Different Idea of Love' to visit Vancouver

Eighty works by avant-garde artist Andy Warhol are coming to Vancouver in March, to be exhibited all month long in a Yaletown warehouse. It's the first Warhol collection to come to the city since 2004 and the largest to come to Canada ever.

MALBA exhibition of Latin American art, Buenos Aires, Argentina Special

The city’s Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) is a place showing two parallel exhibitions of art: temporary - Antonio Berni’s “Juanito and Ramona” (until February 21) and permanent – “Latin American art of 20th century”.

Poppy artist reveals he received death threats over charities

Ceramics artist Paul Cummins, who created the field of red poppies at the Tower of London, revealed to the Sunday Times he received death threats after it was announced that some of the money from the sale of the poppies would go to military charities.

Toronto's Artist Project celebrates its 8th year with a new show

One of the largest art fairs in Toronto is the annual Artist Project, which kicks off with its annual Opening Night Party on February 19th. This is an unique opportunity to meet and buy art directly from over 250 emerging and mid-career artists.

Review: O'Keefe's 'One Day In August' explains Dieppe Raid Special

On August 19, 1942 the shores of Dieppe, France saw 6,086 men from Canada, the UK and the United States storm the beach in a raid on the German occupied port. Within hours, 4,164 of those men lost their lives, were wounded or were captured.

Rhubarb returns to Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

The annual Rhubarb Festival kicked off this week for its 36th season. The event brings one of the most eclectic delivery of presentations to Toronto, featuring theatre, dance, and other forms of artistic expressions.

'Yoga: The Art of Transformation' closes at Sackler Gallery

"Yoga: The Art of Transformation", a year-long exhibition featuring yogic artworks came to an end on February 12. The exhibition was organized by the Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

Cezanne exhibition to open at The Vancouver Art Gallery

More than 50 works from the great Impressionist masters will be put on display by the prestigious Perlman collection, this February 14th at the Vancouver Art Gallery — something which has not happened in more than 50 years.

Review: 'The Last Asylum: A Memoir of Madness in Our Times' Special

As the stigma of mental health is being lifted, books like 'The Last Asylum: A Memoir of Madness in Our Times' by Barbara Taylor are important to understand how the fairly recent past treatment of the mentally ill has shaped our thinking.

Review: Reading Lolita in Tehran

After being expelled from the University of Tehran for refusing to wear the veil, Professor Azar Nafisi invites seven female students to her home every week to discuss books that have been banned by the Iranian regime.

Review: 'They Left Us Everything' on RBC Taylor Prize shortlist Special

Every once in a while when you finish the last word of a book you know that the story within the pages have made a lasting mark on your soul, Plum Johnson's "They Left Us Everything", published by Penguin Canada, is one of those treasures.

Harper Lee to publish new novel, 'Go Set a Watchman'

More than half a century after publishing her first and only novel, the Pulitzer Prize-winning "To Kill a Mockingbird," Harper Lee's publisher has announced plans to release a long-lost sequel, which was actually written first.