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By adding fantastical elements and excellent acting to the production, Tarragon Theatre's latest show Mustard is one of the most interesting pieces of Toronto theatre I've enjoyed in awhile.

France bids ‘Adieu’ to û and û and î!

Last week, after 25 years' deliberation, the Académie Française decreed that the French accent, the circumflex — the little "hat" in words like bête, fête and tempête — had had its day, at least in so far as providing headgear for certain vowels.

France and Netherlands seal historic 160 mn euro Rembrandt purchase

France and the Netherlands signed a historic deal Monday acquiring two large Rembrandt portraits for 160 million euros ($174 million), the French culture ministry announced.

'Picasso' painting seized in Turkey dismissed as fake

A painting seized by Turkish authorities that was reported to be a stolen Picasso is a fake, the Picasso Administration, charged with managing the artist's estate, said on Monday.

Met Museum to add 180,000 square feet space

New York's iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) is planning to add 180,000 square feet to its wing for modern and contemporary art, adding to the current 2 million square feet of space.

Fairy tales much older than thought — One dates to Bronze Age

Dr Jamie Tehrani, an anthropologist at Durham University and Sara Graça da Silva, a folklorist from New University of Lisbon, report that many fairy tales probably go back thousands of years.

Review: T.O. gets up close and personal with top acting talent in ‘Tale’ Special

“The Winter’s Tale” isn’t the favourite Shakespeare play of many, but the modern-dress version at Toronto’s Coal Mine Theatre — the inaugural production of Graham Abbey’s Groundling Theatre Company — makes it seem close to a masterpiece.

Chan Hon Goh's masterclass brings emotion back to ballet training Special

The third annual masterclass series with Chan Hon Goh teaches dancers that layering emotion and musicality into physical training is integral to career longevity.

Eric Weiner talks 'The Geography of Genius' Special

In his new book, Eric Weiner explains why genius seems to come up in clusters. He talked with Digital Journal about his most surprising insights, what the next site of genius could be and more.

Colombian street artists graffiti for peace

A pineapple that looks strikingly like a grenade is spray-painted on one wall, while another is splashed with carnations sprouting from rifle barrels.

Ovation, tears for James Foley film at Sundance festival

A documentary about James Foley, the US journalist slain by the Islamic State group, premiered to a standing ovation on Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival, leaving few dry eyes in the audience.

U.S. photographer captures naked women in decaying locations

In a project amied at showing beauty alongside decaying human-made structures, an American photographer filmed naked models in every state of the Union. What is most unusual about the project is the odd locations.

Philanthropists hand Lithuania world-class modern art museum

Local philanthropists are teaming up with a world-renowned architect to hand Lithuania's capital Vilnius its first modern art museum, with doors due to open in early 2019.

Outrage as black actors absent from Oscars lineup

The glaring absence of black actors or directors among this year's Oscar nominees has triggered an outpouring of criticism, setting social media abuzz as the list was unveiled.

German art experts defend slow progress on Nazi-era hoard

A German task force investigating the provenance of a spectacular Nazi-era art hoard of hundreds of works said Thursday that only five had been proved to be looted thus far, and defended its slow progress.

Review: Idina Menzel's 'If/Then' opens at ASU Gammage Special

Elizabeth lived through the best of times and the worst of times; her life — or lives, as it may be — was unfiltered, passionate and relatable.

Switzerland returns looted archaeological treasures to Italy

Switzerland has returned to Italy 45 boxes of ancient Etruscan art stolen during illegal excavations and stashed away for more than 15 years, including two rare sarcophaguses, authorities said Thursday.

Myanmar cartoonists sharpen pencils as satire makes a comeback

With a flourish of his pencil, cartoonist Maung Maung Aung skewers a pampered politician in a sketch, an image that just a few years ago would have been unthinkable.

Review: New Evan Linder play a timely drama about race, family, love Special

How can a poor white couple cope in a small-minded Mississippi town when their new baby turns out to be African American? That’s the dilemma of Chicago playwright Evan Linder’s explosive new play, “Byhalia, Mississippi”, which opened on Friday.

Op-Ed: Cognitive computing art — Where does the art go?

If art is expression, what is artificial intelligence capable of expressing? Not much, from current examples of too-cute art created by computers. It’s slick, it’s “nicely presented”… and it’s pretty damn predictable.

French-U.S. art dealer's multi-million fraud trial opens in Paris

Several members of the Wildenstein art-dealing dynasty went on trial in Paris on Monday charged with stashing hundreds of millions of euros in inheritance money out of reach of the French taxman.

Chinese artist Weiwei to create refugee memorial on Lesbos

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei on Friday announced plans to create a memorial on the Greek island of Lesbos to the plight of refugees, many of whom have lost their lives trying to reach Europe."A lot of people have lost their lives under the waves....

Artist portrays China's air pollution in 'Winter Solstice'

Chinese artist Liu Bolin is well-known for his perfectly camouflaged body paintings, and is often called the "invisible man." His latest work of performance art is a chilling piece that voices his concerns over China's growing air pollution problems.

Migrant boat, life jackets displayed in London church

A capsized rubber dinghy used by a group of migrants to reach the Greek island of Lesbos earlier this year has been suspended mid-air in a London church in a poignant Christmas homage unveiled on Monday.

Op-Ed: The best of live theatre in Toronto and elsewhere in 2015

So we’ve come to the end of 2015. As inevitable as Christmas, New Year’s and excessive alcohol and chocolate consumption are the media’s endless recap lists and reviews of the best in entertainment of the year – in music, film and so on.

France marks centenary of Edith Piaf's birth in shadow of Paris attacks

France marked the centenary of Edith Piaf's birth Saturday with added poignancy, a month after the Paris attacks targeting the very joie-de-vivre that she embodied.

Alice In Wonderland, 150 years celebrated in literary style Special

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly 'Alice in Wonderland') is 150 years old this year. To mark the occasion the British Library is hosting an exhibition about all things Alice and her fantastical world.

Review: ‘The Nutcracker’ delights 20-thousand in downtown Santiago, Chile Special

With the facade of Chile’s Presidential Palace as a backdrop awash with lights and colors, the Ballet of Santiago de Chile presented the famous classic ‘The Nutcracker’ in front of about 20,000 people.

Review: Gothic reimagining of Sleeping Beauty Special

A Gothic reinterpretation of Sleeping Beauty, performed in ballet style, is running over the Christmas period at the famous dance theater Saddlers Wells in London. It is an unmissable show.