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Wild horses being shot in Alberta

By Carolyn E. Price     Jan 25, 2007 in Environment
Anger is mounting in the equestrian community over the ongoing killing spree of wild horses
Four more wild horses were shot and killed near Sundre, Alberta yesterday. A member of the Wild Horses of Alberta Society found the animals in the same area where 16 other wild horses have met a similar grisly end over the last two years.
"It is chilling to think that the perpetrator is showing his contempt not only to the horses but society in general by killing again," said WHOA member Doreen Henderson.
Bob Henderson, president of the Wild Horses of Alberta Society, also found three other animals who were shot on New Year's Day. He told CTV news that the dead horses were a mare and two foals.
"Over a number of years I've been riding in that country and taking pictures of the wild horses, and then you keep coming across instances like this and you just can't fathom who would want to do this to such a beautiful, magnificent animal," he said. "We came into an area where we knew that wild horses should be and all of a sudden we see the ravens circling around something, and when we went to investigate we found these three carcasses."
The discovery was extremely upsetting for Henderson and his wife because the couple was familiar with the mare and the two foals, born last May. They had even given them names.
"Besides the anger that you feel inside, to know that such young animals are beautiful and they're free, and then to see them dead for no reason at all -- it did break me up, it really did."
The society is offering a reward for information on those responsible for the killings.
What would make someone shoot at these "beautiful, magnificent animals"? Whoever this person is, someone out there know that he or she is doing it. Report them now. Stop this killing.
CTV news item found here:
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