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More human bones found near skull site

By Brandigal (Donna)     Jan 25, 2007 in Crime
A human skull was found in Georgia and on Saturday more bones were found about 100 yards from where the skull was found.
The owner of the property had to call police again when he found more bones on his property. A skull was found in December and now an upper and lower leg bone were found. They say animals have disturbed the bones which is why they were so far apart.
Police then started to search the area for more bones and found some hip bones, some vertebrae and other leg bones and a pair of jeans.
They are now trying to see if the bones and the skull are of the same body.
The skull was determined to be a Guatemalan male. Right now they have no clues to who the person is.
They are hoping DNA will now be able to tell them the age and height of the man.
Police even went door to door asking people if they seen anything out of the ordinary or seen anyone working in the area but no one has seen anything. They said "We have spoken to other agencies [about missing persons] and the Guatemalan consulate but haven't got anything to assist us in the case,"
They might never know who this person is unless they get someone to come forward.
It is hard to believe that this man had no family at all that have reported him missing.
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