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9/11 impact is still reflected on world policy

By sibananda     Jan 24, 2007 in Politics
Democrat congressmen will compell whitehouse to certify before rendering economic help
to certain countries
IN a legislation meeting the newly elected democratic congressmen have decided to adhere
to certain proposal given by the committe that was investigating the 9/11 impact on globe
They have decided for whitehouse to certify certain proposals given by the committe is
followed by SOUDIARABIA,AFGANISTAN AND PAKISTAN or not!! The economic and strategic
aids will be decided basing on the certficate of the president of United states of America
1- Formation of a democratic government nationally
2-non use of territory within its control for militancy
3-halting the cross border terrorism
4-- To impose same democratic law throughout the country
5- Not to involve in nuclear proliferation directly or indirectly
Above mentioned points are few but there some more. The usa president to certify basing on
above factors so that any kind of aid can be delivered
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