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Duncan confesses to killing the children in Seattle

By Brandigal (Donna)     Jan 23, 2007 in Crime
The death penalty is being sought against Joseph Edward Duncan if he is convicted.
Joseph Duncan has confessed to killing the children. Two children from Washington state in 1996 and one child from California in 1997.
Dylan Groene,9, was killed by Duncan infront of his 8 year old sister Shasta. The 8 year old was rescued by police in 2005 when they caught Duncan.
Anthony Martinez,10, and two sisters 9-year-old Carmen Cubias and 11-year-old Sammiejo White were abducted and killed. Their bodies were found a year and half later.
They were taken from their home and into a National Forest were sexually abused and tortured for 7 weeks before he decided to shoot the boy. He pleaded guilty to the murders of the children's mother, uncle and mothers boyfriend. They were beaten to death with a hammer.
He is already serving a life sentence in those deaths.
I hope he gets the death penalty. He does not deserve to roam this earth. But before this, I hope he gets some punishment in the prison.
Here is another link that posts more about the case.
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