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article imageBREAKING: Libby Destroyed Evidence Prior to Testifying, Cheney ‘Deeply Involved’

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 23, 2007 in Politics
Prosecutors claim Libby Destroyed evidence prior to testifying and say Cheney is deeply involved in this case.
Under oath, Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff Scooter Libby told a grand jury that he first learned that Joe Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was a CIA agent from conversations with the media. In fact, he first learned that information from Vice President Cheney himself.
Libby is now on trial for perjury. His defense is that he simply forgot who told him that Plame worked for the CIA. But in court today, prosecutors outlined a powerful case establishing that Libby had reason to remember who told him and motive to cover it up. MSNBC’s David Schuster said today’s revelations from prosecutors are “new and will astound a number of people, even those who have been following this case.”
The prosecutors of this case have filed the following claims along with other evidence they have presented so far, only these claims implicate Vice President Cheney clearly:
1. Cheney himself directed Libby to go around the protocol and deal the press himself to counter the criticism of Joe Wilson.
2. Cheney Personally wrote what Scooter Libby should say to the Time Magazine Reporter.
3. Libby destroyed a note he made with Cheney in those conversations
They have a video in the site, I couldn't embed it here and also it has full transcripts of what the Prosecutors are saying about these new claims. Before Cheney had said several times he was not involved in any of this leak, but these claims say differently. Also unrelated to this leak, Prosecutors have evidence about the false claim, the idea that Iraq was seeking uranium from Niger. When that idea was proved false, everyone was trying to figure out who should take responsibility and Vice President Cheney repeatedly insisted that CIA Chief George Tenet should take full responsibility not the White House.
Do you think President Cheney should resign after these claims?
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