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Tips For Being Thrifty In The American Economy

By RobotGod     Jan 23, 2007 in Lifestyle
Or How to live CHEAP &Get Out Of The Consumer Mindset
First off, I live way out of the box compared to most people. I work hard, not so Uncle Sam or some faceless corp. can get my money.
Thrift stores. Great place to buy clothing dirt cheap. NAME BRAND and often NEW clothing. Most cases it is like 2-10 bucks compared to 50-100 in retail.
Dollar stores! Especially the ones that have food. Nowadays, EVERYTHING tastes just as good as a name brand.
When you buy food anywhere pay attention to how many ounces you get for the price. That is the real trick.
We work hard for our money, so we deserve to be treated golden as if you are ever not thrilled with a product, don't be afraid to call the company and let them know. Alot of times they will give you a refund or free coupons.
Don't be a consumer pig. If you cant afford your lifestyle, you better trim it down. The bills will catch up to you. Don't have a library of 1000 dvd titles. You pay 14-24 bucks a piece for. Either buy them used or rent them.
We rent dvds from our local bookmobile for a buck a piece and keep them for 2 weeks. So there is no money sitting on our shelves collecting dust. Most dvds spend their entire life SITTING. For the price of a 14.99 dvd, I can rent it 15 times. How often do you really watch them?
Same thing with music cds. We rent those for free, enjoy them and send them back. Have you added up the savings yet as it applies to you?
Stop paying overinflated coffee prices at Starbucks and the like, grow a consumer backbone. I know you, you are better then that!
Smokers...You pay 5 bucks a pack...If you smoke a pack a day that is 35 bucks a week etc. I bought a little cigarette rolling machine from the TOP company. Paid 10 bucks fgor the kit. So now I just buy a cartons worth of tubes with the filter which costs me 3 bucks and the tobbaco from the drug store which costs 7 bucks. It lasts me a month....I spend 10 a month on it...Its cleaner and better tasting and no big ass company is getting rich off me.
If you cant afford the latest gdgets, then STOP...Actually be patient and wait for the price drops...they always come...
Get cash back from your items that you might normally toss by selling them on ebay as well.
Always take advantage of your supermarkets discount card too.
Go to a cheaper cable/sattelite plan.
If your 3 year old child does not actually need a cellphone, then for heaven's sake, do not be the kind of person that does that.
Well, there are many more. If you want another tip just ask. I am here for you. Please, no more grazing at the corporate tit, like a mad zombie cow. That is all I ask. :)
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