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Robotic Insects.

By Jony     Jan 23, 2007 in Technology
If you feel something crawling on your neck, it might be a wasp or a bee. Or it might be something much more dangerous.
Israel is developing a robot the size of a hornet to attack terrorists. And although the prototype will not fly for three years, killer Micro Air Vehicles, or MAVs, are much closer than that.
British Special Forces already use 6-inch MAV aircraft called WASPs for reconnaissance in Afghanistan. The $3,000 WASP is operated with a Gameboy-style controller and is nearly silent, so it can get very close without being detected. A new development will reportedly see the WASP fitted with a C4 explosive warhead for kamikaze attacks on snipers. One newspaper dubbed it "The Talibanator."
While the latest advancements in technology are fascinating; sometime they are just scary. Every thing we create for a good will equally be used by the evil and history has proven that. Who was the one who once said “Who will guard the guards?”. Nevertheless, amazing development in technology.
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