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Where has good music gone?

By musikagod     Jan 22, 2007 in Entertainment
Can you tell me what is happening to music? I can tell you one major problem with local music.
As an audio engineer, musician, and composer, I have been baffled by the way music is going. Of course, I do not have much room to speak as I have not finished a piece in a long time. However, as a music lover, I can say that at least I don't flaunt my music and prance around in denial that it is actually worth people listening to.
I know that there is good music out there. Very talented musicians that truely love music enough to actually learn about music. If people love music as much as many claim, why do they neglect it and hurt it? When I take to an interest, I really get into it. Like a mechanic does with cars. Mechanics love cars, so the get inside and really learn about the car. So, why do so many musicians think they can make music without learning the theory behind it?
It is common for local bands to have a very generic sound. This sound is basic simple chords strum with no technique while a person sings into the microphone with an out-of-pitch whine. What is the topic of the lyrics? It doesn't matter, even the greatest writings will sound bad this way. Immediately, this sound is classifed as Emo. So, anyone that says their band is Emo, well they have honestly told you what they are.
Now, I understand that Emo was originated from the feeling, not the talent. Emotion is the primary goal of the genre. This is quite alright. Just know that there is no need to get offended when I say that Emo has no music talent.
Unfortunately, I can't stop here, now that I am on the subject. Lets really analyze this, shall we? Emo is for emotion. Yet, a classification of Emo is that all subject matters are depressing and sad about a girl and a break-up or something close to it. Yes, that is an emotion. That is only ONE emotion. So more appropriate may be UnoEmo, maybe. The screaming and whining does successfully express a lot of emotion. I will give it that. Most importantly, music is emotional. All of it, if not, well, that is a whole other direction that this article could have gone. Labeling one genre as emotion is just wrong. We could say it is OverEmo. Since, every song is about an over-reacting teenager that spends to much time crying about a girl from junior high than actually learning to play music.
I could go on for days about this, but I won't. That could almost as pointless as Emo music. Let me just say that what music is. It is feeling, it is meaning, and it is talent. This talent does not need to be difficult and technical. However, you must have all three to make great music. There are no rules in art, but there are theories that should at least be understood before you start breaking the "rules".
This article has strictly gone into reasons for the problems in local and underground scenes. The problems in the national scene is a discussion set for another time. Take this information and insight into consideration. Also, know that every band comes up with their own genre nowadays. They all think they are different, even though it all sound exactly the same. Remember, just because you don't call yourself Emo, it doesn't mean that the people that hear don't think so. So don't think you are in the clear just because you call yourself three different genres combined into one big hyphened word and ending with another genre completely different from the rest. Denial is a hard thing to overcome, but the sooner you do, and the sooner you get some guitar lesson, the sooner you can begin to follow some realistic dreams.
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