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Global Warming Or Political Warming?

By RobotGod     Jan 22, 2007 in Environment
You make the call.
Everyone and their mother is on the global warming bandwagon. Something wacky is going on with the weather, that's for sure. But there is no evidence that it is a new phenomenon. Weather records only go back a hundred years or so. Therefore anyone who claims to have proof is either lying or they have a different definition of "proof" then I have.
The truth is no single person knows for sure that this is not a cyclical event. No one has been around that long. Also, one has to face the facts, that when science can't explain something, "proof" becomes much more elastic.
For instance, "the shifting of the plates" scenario. You know, how the world used to be one single continent, and then they magically moved and spread out over the world. BULL. Science knows it is bull and alot of intelligent people TODAY know it too. But now that it has been proven to be wrong, contemporary scientists cling to it like a life-vest. That is a large problem with science today. Science is a stubborn tantrum throwing child who wont admit he was wrong. Many people have solved the continent question. We know now that a planet EXPANDS and becomes larger. Continents did not magically move, rather they rose up from great pressure and expansion. If continents really were floating patches of dirt, these same eggheads would be swimming under them with their scuba suits, replete with pocket protectors.
My point is, that they were wrong and still will not admit it and thus move science forward. With Global warming they arrogantly assume they are right as well.
Why do we never hear about this bit of data? That the entire solar system is warming? huh? Cause eggheads like to be right. It is true. Our Sun's activity has stepped up over the last decade. We used to wonder if that was ice on Mars, and if so, could Mars have water? Lo and behold, we have heard reports recently that the water has been detected and is actually there. Why now? Because Mars is warmer. Some of that ice is flowing.
As with most news events, this Global Warming is more political then factual. There is more gas from the mouths of politicians then from a pig farm. News ceased to be true news years ago after all.
Are they right about any of it? Maybe some. Who knows. NOBODY. And that's the point. We just dont have the data. But we know that science is shoddy nowadays and the media is largely irresponsible.
So always do your own homework. No copying! Do the research. ALWAYS follow the money. And the truth shall always follow.
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