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article imageBattery Breakthrough? Ten Times More Powerful than Lithium Batteries

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 22, 2007 in Environment
EEStor files patents for Ultra Capacitor Batteries that are 10 times more powerful than the existing batteries, costs less and environmentally safe.
EEStor's ambitious goal, according to patent documents, is to "replace the electrochemical battery" in almost every application, from hybrid-electric and pure-electric vehicles to laptop computers to utility-scale electricity storage.
The company boldly claims that its system, a kind of battery-ultracapacitor hybrid based on barium-titanate powders, will dramatically outperform the best lithium-ion batteries on the market in terms of energy density, price, charge time, and safety. Pound for pound, it will also pack 10 times the punch of lead-acid batteries at half the cost and without the need for toxic materials or chemicals, according to the company.
EEStor is a Texas startup have filed numerous patents on this ultracapacitor batteries. Their advantages over regular Lithium batteries (used in laptops, cameras) are they can pack 10 times the battery charge, no toxic materials are used to pack these charges, low cost and charge faster. With these advantages coupled with natural energy sources such wind and solar, this batteries can be widely used for transportation saving the need for fossil fuel. It is going to first used in the Cars shown in the picture above. The Ultra Capacitors can quickly charge and release the charge at high rates (when it is required for starting and stopping the cars) and there is less loss of waste of energy even when not in use. They will be in the market soon as early as next year, with the Canada based Zenn Cars to be released first. A study showed the following for these special batteries:
By some estimates, it would only require $9 worth of electricity for an EESU-powered vehicle to travel 500 miles, versus $60 worth of gasoline for a combustion-engine car.
It uses as broad ranging from military to medical applications, will help control Global Warming damages.
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