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Japanese Geisha launches blog

By malan     Jan 22, 2007 in World
Geisha blogs about secretive profession
I think it's very interesting how technology and the internet is helping to bridge communication gaps and open doors to information that we would otherwise have no shot at attaining. This is such a story.
Ichimame, an 18 year old apprentice Geisha in Japan has created what is thought to be the first ever blog website administrated by an girl in her profession in history, opening a window into a world that most of us would otherwise never have the chance to know about.
An example entry includes:
"Under my eyes, I add a hint of red. I paint my cheeks with pink and finally I paint my lips with rouge dissolved in water."
This may become a popular trend for modern age Geisha's looking to compete with nightclubs and bars that also are players in the high-end Japanese entertainment field. Also included in this "offering upgrade" of sorts are English lessons and less strict introduction rules.
In the blog, Ichimame has spent the last year writing about her daily endeavours to master the trade that requires girls to play the three-stringed shamisen and the shakuhachi bamboo flute as well as perform complicated traditional dance steps.
The site, [url=] has recently picked up world wide attention and has been getting thousands of hits a month from people who are excited about getting an inside look at this secretive world as well as other girls interested in becoming Geisha's themselves. One girl, inspired by her block has become a maiko at a local teahouse.
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