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Are you a giver?

By Jony     Jan 21, 2007 in Technology
Don’t lie to me, now I can scientifically detect it.
In fact, another center was activated when the students either won money for charity, or watched the computer win money for charity.
"This area we saw was the posterior superior temporal cortex," Huettel said. "It's part of the parietal lobe. What this brain area seems to be involved in is extracting meaning from things you see."
New research has shown it might be possible to detect the selfish or how giving some is. Neuroscientist Scott Huettel of Duke University conducted the research. Forty five college students were set up into a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner, which takes real-time images of brain activity. Students were to play games and they had decided whether they wanted the money for themselves or for the charity. The scanner detected ones who decided to give it to charity responded strongly.
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