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NYPD to ask citizens to send pictures of crime scenes via cellphones

By Iamseven     Jan 21, 2007 in Crime
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said yesterday that the city is working on finding ways to make it easier for citizens to share evidence of burglars, flashers and other criminals.. one way involves an everyday gadget: the cellphone.
"If you see a crime in progress or a dangerous building condition, you'll be able to transmit images to 911 or online to," Bloomberg said in his State of the City address.
NYC is not the first place to implement this innovative technique: the state of Indiana has already been working on a revamp of the 911 network and has been devising a way for citizens to send images to emergency responders.
The plan is still in the beginning stages. No contract has as of yet been secured by NYC in regards to this revolutionary technology.
Cellphone justice has already been known to occur. In 2005, two Catholic schoolgirls were harassed by a subway flasher who assumed that he could do as he wished on the subway and had minimal chance of being caught. He was in for a surprise, as the girls snapped a picture of him with their camera phone. They took the pictures to police who arrested the man.
Video cameras have also been implemented in NYC in attempts to curb crime. A $9.1 million project has been undertaken by the NYC PD which involves installing 500 cameras in 200 'high-risk' locations.
I think this is a great idea.. so many criminals could be captured this way, I have no doubt of it. Still, it could make it so perpetrators will look for cellphones, etc, when attacking. Obviously it may be hard to track every single image that comes in, but this should do a lot of good in the end.
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