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N.H. Tax Evader Stocks up on Weapons, Men for Government Raid

By bobSP     Jan 20, 2007 in Crime
A convicted tax evader and former militia man has prepared his 'fortresslike' home an impending raid by US Marshalls..but Marshalls say there is no confrontation scheduled.
Ed Brown was convicted last Thursday of plotting to conceal their income and avoid paying federal income tax. Their defense was that the tax was illegitimate and he and his wife did not have to pay it.
He likened any type of government enforcement of the conviction to an invasion of a foreign country:
"If Mexico came up on my land and tried to take my land, would I not fight?" Brown said. "The United States is the same exact thing as Mexico in this state."
Brown has been stockpiling weapons and has amassed a large group of supporters--some living at his compound (and all have weapons). He says he is ready for a confrontation and can stay at his home 'forever.'
Libertarians, Anti-tax groups, and others are among the people supporting Mr. Brown and his fight against the government.
The Government has tried to peacefully end this standoff, but there seems to be no reaching him. Even his wife is afraid to live at the home--she is currently living with her son because of her fear of armed conflict.
US Marshalls have said they're trying to keep this low-profile..but with a story this big--and possible this deadly--there is no keeping a lid on this. And that's just what Mr. Brown wants. He wants attention to his 'cause,' and will likely fight to the death for it..which is something I can see being a very real possibility if this situation isn't defused soon.
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