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Boy, now I know how really old I am, especially when it comes to sex!

By Viga Boland     Jan 20, 2007 in Lifestyle
I know what the missionary position is, but it took me longer to realize "cowgirl" most likely means woman on top. I also didn't know there were differences in sexual preferences depending on your political leanings!
I don't usually bother reading articles on sex habits anymore...getting a bit on the older side and it's not major topic of interest for me...but this article caught my eye with its byline:
" The act is as old as mankind itself—but Internet porn and the sex swing are significantly newer. "
Curious, I went over to read and learned a lot I didn't know. Some of the facts were fascinating e.g.
"The more money men make, the more sex they have, but the men who have the most sex—more than 15 times a week—make less than $100,000 a year."
I've heard that money and success are a powerful aphrodisiac or it might be these guys move in circles where sex is part of the social life etc. but as for the guys having sex 15 times a week and making less than $100,000 a year, well maybe they just have more time on their hands? Then what about those making half that?
I was also surprised to read that up to 35% of both male and female have gone without sex for over a year, but it's easy to explain. What did surprise me even more though was this the fact that men "are more likely to have waited until marriage to have sex: 14% say they waited, while only 9% of women held out." Yet, it takes only 3 dates for men to hop into the sack with a woman and only 5 dates for the woman. Boy we sure move fast these days, don't we.
When it came to the number of sexual partners both men and women have had over their lives, I really felt old and out of touch. Gees, I've been married to the same man for over 33 years and never strayed once and neither has he. Both of us had only a couple of pre-marital affairs too. What's wrong with us?
Some of the sexual preference differences were fascinating. Men and women are worlds apart e..g
"32% of men want more anal sex; only 6% of women agree—the biggest disparity of any act." Yet they're quite close on other issues.
And then there's the political differences: "Republicans prefer their partners' pubic hair to be all natural, while Democrats prefer a trim."
Well okay then. Here's the one that really showed me we haven't changed all that much after all and just how different men and women really are when it comes to sex and choosing sexual partners:
For men, 38% said the most powerful aphrodisiac was a woman's looks. Looks didn't score nearly as high for women. What did? 43% of women said KINDNESS turned them on.
Now doesn't that tell you something. Maybe that's why 63% of women have to rely on vibrators for satisfaction!
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