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How "24" Kept CAIR From Protesting the New Season

By Mac     Jan 19, 2007 in Entertainment
The new season is about Muslim terrorists. . . . so how did Fox producers escape the wrath of CAIR?
Now this is fascinating. . . . an inside look into mainstream media entertainment and politics.
Two seasons ago, '24' introduced a storyline in which Mulsim terrorists played a minor role. At that time, the Council on American-Islamic Relations went on an angry anti-24 public relations campaign, complaining that the portrayal of Muslims as terrorists was stereotypical and insensitive. (Never mind that "24" has portrayed criminals and terrorists from many ethnic backgrounds over the course of the past six seasons!)
So how did they escape the wrath this time, when the seventh season opened with a controversial story about Muslim terrorists right next door in the typical suburban neighborhood? Turns out the writers simply invented a fictitious organization - modeled very obviously after CAIR (minus the ties to actual terrorist groups and financing...), and wrote it into the script. Add some roughing up of the members of this "humanitarian" organization by federal agents, and you have a deal.
Wow. I understand the rock and the hard place the producers found themselves in. But allowing an activist group - especially one with documented ties to terrorist groups and a history of criminal involvement in shady activities - railroad creativity . . . that really rubs me wrong. (Maybe it's the writer in me. )
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