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Scholar Discovers Grave of Mona Lisa.

By Tar De Moutonnoir     Jan 19, 2007 in World
Experts believe they have finally discovered the date and burial place of the real Mona Lisa.
The woman who was immortalized by Italian painter Leonardo DaVinci died on July 15, 1542 and was buried in a convent in central Florence. Researcher Giuseppe Pallanti, says he found a death certificate in the archives of a Florencian church where it was noted "the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, deceased July 15, 1542, and buried at Sant'Orsola."
The famed Mona Lisa is believed to portray Lisa Gherardini, and hangs on display in Paris, France's famed Louvre museum. She was believed to be the wife of the wealthy Florentine silk merchant, Francesco del Giocondo.
w references from ctv & discovery
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