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article imageMale Drivers have a Higher Risk of Death

By BlogMania     Jan 19, 2007 in Business
You men out there can forget about the theory of us women being bad drivers!! I come with proof.
Yes, Yes, Yes…The results of this study have been completed and you men out there are have a 77 percent higher risk of dying in a car accident than women, based on miles driven.
So stop the press about us women. Im not happy because you guys are more likely to die (cause us women need you)…I just always knew I was a better driver then any man I personally know.
"The analysis calculates that overall, about one death occurs for every 100 million passenger miles traveled. And it shows that some long-held assumptions about safety on U.S. highways don't jibe with hard numbers. It lists the risk of road death by age, gender, type of vehicle, time of day and geographic region."
This research was done by the American Automobile Association better known to us as AAA. Which I am proud to be a member of a company who does studies that prove the point I have been yelling to my fiancé for years. I am a better driver then him.
As for you motorcycle men, you should take this into consideration…
“the death rate on motorcycles was nearly 32 times higher than for cars. One of the riskiest combinations in the database are men between ages 21 and 24 who drive motorcycles between midnight and 4 a.m. Their road fatality risk is 45,000 times higher than normal.”
They have even calculated the most deadly hour to be 2am. Of course which is obvious, I know that’s what time I finished clubbin back in my earlier years. (Coming from a 25 year old)
Of course there is always more factors…Read the article, and spread the word to all your male friends.
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