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School ends slave-master role playing teaching exercise after complaint

By Iamseven     Jan 18, 2007 in Lifestyle
School officials in Clarksville, TN, say they have ordered teachers to end a role-playing exercise on slavery for elementary students.
Apparently one student took her role as a slavemaster too seriously, so a teacher complained and the exercise was ended.
This is the first time there have been complaints of the exercise which has gone on for four years at Ringgold Elementary School. This exercised involved fifth-graders. Some played slaves and other played masters during a unit on the Civil War.
To keep it from getting too out of hand, despite the fact that it's a pretty outlandish idea to begin with, the teacher would have the students reverse roles each day. The students were not divided by race and after the exercise was complete the students had to write essays on the topic of "how it felt to be marginalized."
The teacher who reported it, Lettie Kendall, became concerned after a white student who was playing master refused to do a math assignment, claiming that she didn't have to do it because she was a master.
To me, this exercise was a bad idea to begin with.. I think the teacher kinda overreacted on this one but the exercise should have never started. I can't believe it took 4 years to end it but it didn't end for the reasons I would have expected it to, lol. Hopefully other schools learn from this and never do it again.
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