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1,100 relics unearthed at Beijing venue sites

By Brandigal (Donna)     Jan 18, 2007 in World
1,100 cultural relics were unearthed at Beijing Olympic venue construction sites last year
Beijing is redoing or building 31 different venues for the 2008 Olympic Games. Since starting this, they have uncovered about 700 tombs dating from 206 BC-220 AD to 1644-1911 included in the 1100 relics found at 10 different sites.
The cost of upgrading for the games is about $40 billion.
When they started to build the shooting range hall in May they found several Ming Dynasty tombs dating from 1368-1644.
In October they found an imperial-era tomb when they started the Olympic shooting venue.
It might be costing the city a lot to upgrade but they are finding relics that I am sure are worth millions.
I wonder if they are able to move the tombs or did they have to move the site where they were building?
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