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article imageBreast Cancer More Likely To Develop In Women With Dense Breast Tissue

By nidsjourno     Jan 17, 2007 in Health
Latest Canadian study reveals that the risk of breast cancer is about five times higher in women with extremely dense tissue in the breast compared to those with more fatty tissue.
A Canadian study has revealed that the women who have extremely dense breast tissue are more likely to develop breast cancer, than the ones who have more fatty tissues. The mammograms shows fat tissues as dark, but dense tissue appears to be light, like tumors, which also makes them conceal the cancers.
The presence of more connective, duct-lining and milk-gland tissue than fat in women’s breast results in dense breasts but it is hard for a woman to judge her own density. However a routine evaluation from a mammogram can only detect it. Density decreases with age and on average, women lose about one percent of their breast density each year.
The study Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research now reveals that the cancers are also more frequently hidden in women with dense breasts.
“Risk may be underestimated if it is based solely on cancers found at screening, because cancers masked by dense tissue will be omitted," the study says.
The research is published in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine and reveals that for women younger than the median age of 56 years, 26 percent of all breast cancers and 50 percent of cancers detected less than 12 months after a negative screening test were attributable to density in 50 percent or more of the mammogram.
However, specialists are now trying to identify genes that promote density, because they might act as targets for cancer drugs.
Breast cancers are the second most lethal kind after lung cancers in women. About one in eight women will get invasive breast cancer during her lifetime, according to the American Cancer Society. Last year, roughly 41,000 U.S. women died of it. Worldwide, it kills about 370,000 women each year.
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