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article imageCould the end of 2008 spell Gameover for Sony PSP?

By guj_*     Jan 17, 2007 in Technology
PSP going downhill?
A gaming website has looked at how the PSP was introduced in 2005 with much buzz and excitement. Now it appears as if the interest if waning and a blogger believes its lifespan will be cut short as it as at a plateau. Will it be going the same way as Dreamcast, Neo Geo Pocket and so forth? I don't think so, but let me know what you think!
"Unfortunately I can only draw one conclusion, the PSP is at a plateau, the High priority releases right at the very end of it's life will not be enough to save it, and I honestly believe that we will see it peter out in a little over a year. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot that Sony can do to truly help the PSP without taking a tremendous loss (or more than they are taking at the moment), a price drop would further cripple any chance at the system being profitable and would likely be seen by developers as an act of desperation, and with sales slowing it is unlikely that Sony will be able to attract additional third part developers. All in all it is an abysmal outcome, but one that I believe Sony will atleast try to see through to minimalize thier loses, however I say my early farewell to this pioneer of Handhelds. I salute the PSP and all of it's contributions (it has certainly raised the bar for Handheld qualty in graphics and sound), and it's legacy will live on in my heart as it takes it's place in my heart with the Neo Geo Pocket, The Dreamcast, and The Sega CD."
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