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10 Things to do to Get Your Own Talk Show

By brooketerra     Jan 17, 2007 in Entertainment
Five easy steps to land talk show of your very own.
I think I died a little when I read that Jerry Springers body guard (Steve Wilkos) has signed a deal to host an as of yet untitled talk show.
The show, to be taped in the same Chicago studio where "Springer" is shot, has been sold to such stations as Tribune-owned WPIX New York, KTLA Los Angeles and WGN Chicago.
Steve has many qualifications: he is an former marine, cop and has even hosted Jerry Springer multiple times but the most important is that he "really likes to help people".
So in light of the fact that everyone wants a chance at their very own 15 minutes of fame here is my list of the ten things you need to land your very own talk show.
#1. Know someone famous (or infamous, doesn't really matter which).
#2. Be opiniounated even if up still about 5 seconds ago you had never even heard of whatever is being discussed- don't be afriad of shouting over eachother as well. The squeeky wheel gets the oil.
#3. It helps if you have some kind of authoritative back ground. High School Principle, Judge, Police Officer, Army...Marine ect.. Just work it.
#4. People really like seeing others get into trouble, it makes them feel better about their own lives so whom ever you con onto your show make them pay for it.
#5. Get really loud opiniounated audience members- you know the ones, they wanted to be guests but got turned down and now they want the ones who beat them out to pay for it.
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