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Do you Blog because of your Birthday?

By BlogMania     Jan 17, 2007 in Entertainment
What will this Study Reveal?
Does your zodiac sign have something to do with why you choose to Blog?
I know everyone does not believe in your characteristics may have something to do with what month you were born in but lets just see…If everyone who reads this article will leave what sign they are or your birthday if you don’t know it (not including year) then we can see are certain signs more likely to Blog then others. I am doing this on another Blog site as well so I can take my stats and write one article with the results. I have a few theories on what sign I think is the most likely to Blog.
So DJ help your fellow Blogger out. Take ½ a second out and tell me, What’s Your Sign? Wouldn’t you like to know if the only reason you Blog may have something to do what month and day you were born on?
We have to know that Bloggers are creative people, usually creative people fall under 2 or 3 signs!!!Since Im asking a huge favor of the DJ community, I will do this in return. For everyone who lets me know what sign they are I will comment and rate 2 of your Blogs. Can I do that??? I really would like to do this study and would appreciate your participation. I will start it off with the first comment. I am a proud...
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