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Does Aspartame Kill

By Posthappy     Jan 17, 2007 in Health
Aspartame (known as NutraSweet and Equal) and other artificial sweeteners are used in all kinds of products, keeping the sweet food manufactures costs lower than if using sugar.
Problem is that it is a known fact; Aspartame has caused brain tumours in rats. Nothing new here.
Discovered quite accidentally in 1965, it was quickly recognized that the cost of this artificial sweetener would greatly benefit the manufactures of all things sweet, but at what price?
If it causes brain tumours in rats, can it also cause them in humans? So far, no evidence has been brought forth and none can be directly linked to Aspartame. But with the entire craze on low fat, half fat and no fat must loose weight mentality, what is the main sweetener being used? You guessed it, Aspartame!
What is it you ask? “Chemically speaking, it is a synthetic substance that is made from a combination of methyl ester (10%), the amino acids phenylalanine (50%) and aspartic acid (40%)” The Soho article explains.
But so what you ask. Unless you are a chemistry major/buff/fan, and no one has been affected by it, then nothing is wrong right? Well, you could say that, but what if you knew this product causes nothing but nastiness within your body and takes forever for your body to get rid of it. The article also explains “methanol is considered a cumulative poison due to the low rate of excretion once it is absorbed.” Ewe!! Meaning that it may not affect you now, but in the future after much build up in the body, it could cause us all problems.
What if you knew that not only could you find Aspartame in everything from no-fat-low fat yogurt to sugarless gum, from meal replacements to fruit juices, from iced tea to ice-cream, would you care then? Maybe that’s why dieters are having issues loosing weight?
Aspartame does/can cause side effects such as headaches and dizziness, to the more serious of causing cancer and seizures; the jury is still out on this sweetener, which is why it is still being used in the market today, but why do more harm than good for your body. Why use the products that use Aspartame (especially over many years) and then have issues later in life?
If you look for it on the labels, you can avoid it as much as possible, thus cutting down the possibility of having it affect/build up in your body… after all, everything in moderation is not necessarily about to cause a negative effect in everyone who uses it... but really why risk it?
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