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article imageJuice,Coffee decline as Soda consumption rises at breakfast

By bobSP     Jan 16, 2007 in Health
According to a recent study, the amount of soda drank at breakfast has almost doubled in the last decade and a half.
In the early 1990s, soda was drank about 7.9% of the time. Today, however, it is the drink of choice for some 15.1% of the American population. Coffee has taken a hit because of this, falling 25% over the last 15 years. These numbers, however, correlate to when people dine outside of the home.
At home, it's a different story.. The numbers a bit different but the trend is still the same. At home, soft drinks have risen by an alarming 500% (slightly less): going from 0.5 to 2.4%.
About 1/3 of soda drinkers in either case chose a diet drink as opposed to the regular, calorie-dense, soda.
Some people say it's for the caffeine, but the average cup of soda has about 35mg of caffeine in it, while a cup of coffee usually has more than double that. So it's not just about the seems people are going for that boost in the morning and a good tasting beverage.
While the exact numbers aren't in, but the data points to 18 to 25 year olds as the biggest soft drink consumers in the morning..which makes a lot of sense. At that age, a lot of people are in college, they stay up late, they're tired in the morning and they haven't yet began to drink coffee (I'm drawing on personal experience here), and soda or diet soda is much more appealing.
These numbers are exactly what some of the soft drink industry has been driving at for years, for the older folk out there, you might remember the 'drink a coke in the morning' campaign. This campaign was cited in the article above as having a huge impact on people, especially in the South where diet coke is sometimes referred to as the "southern coffee."
So how about you? How many of you guys are morning soda drinkers? I drink a 20oz diet soda each day..usually starting on it in the morning and finishing it by the I guess I'm not as bad as some of the people mentioned in the source article, one person had said that they actually drank two diet mountain dews...just in the morning! It didn't say whether they were 20oz bottles or 12oz cans, but that's a lot of soda for just a couple of hours.
I personally drink the diet soda because I don't like coffee (never really have), and the caffeine helps me get going after a late night of studying.
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