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By kk21     Jan 16, 2007 in Lifestyle
Marriage is a beautiful commitment between two people starting out on a journey together that will last until eternity. On this journey you will learn so many things about each other and grow together with the future of having a family legency.
Can you have a happy marriage? Yes! If you look at society it seems as though marriage is just a day on the job. People are not taking the vowels seriously and don’t have respect for each other. Love has nothing to do with relationship now, it’s more on money “What are you bring to the table (material things)”. Has relationship come to the point of NO commitment, respect, faithfulness, forgiveness, honesty, love, loyalty, moral value, humanity, and family unity? What has the world come to? These are just a few questions I ask myself. We have got to bring back the basis of family value and unity, commitment, respect for each other and yourself, value of life, consequences of doing wrong to each other and to you. We have to know and understand what are our value and respect for yourself and make sure your partner has the same value and goals in life. Take the time to learn about each other and understand the situation and circumstances of family. We as individual need to be more focus on the value, then what can you do for me attitude. Something the smallest thing a person has to offer can be great value to your relationship and life. Take a moment to listen and learn.
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