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Naked Sunbathing in Germany

By Hildegard     Jan 16, 2007 in Travel
Naked Sunbathing in Germany
This past winter was very long and cold; the weather turned "beautiful" just in time for the Soccer World Cup in June. Everyone who visited Germany for the event was thrilled to experience Germany at its very best: Warm and Dry!
This summer, as in other parts of the world, is extremely hot. Fortunately, we do have rain every few days to cool everything down again.
The warm weather motivates more people to spend their free time at a swimming pool or at a lake, or at the ocean in the northern part of Germany.
Some beaches are designated as FKK, Freie Körper Kultur, meaning "naked body culture". These nude beaches are visited by young and old. On other beaches, you will often see women sunbathing topless and once in a while, people will sunbathe naked.
You are saying to yourself "Oh no! Isn´t that awful". Let me assure you, going to a "nude beach" is only interesting one time. On the second visit, you can relax and enjoy sunbathing without fearing tan lines. The saying holds true "if you´ve seen one, you´ve seen them all."
People sleeping naked on a beach or swimming naked is a very natural activity. Naked sunbathing is not pornographic.
Of course, there are people who "flaunt" their bodies on the beach ... but the other sunbathers do not stare and gape, they just "live and let live". If a person does look, then most of the time they have to hide their faces, because they are laughing.
Naked people on a beach are more attractive than "overweight women in tiny bikinis and beer-bellied men in Speedos".
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