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article imageBottled water and plastic bags

By Viga Boland     Jan 15, 2007 in Environment
That English reviewer, Giles Coren, has a valid point about bottled water, and I've got one to make about the overuse of plastic bags.
Yesterday I popped into my local grocery store to pick up a papaya and some peaches. Note, both are fruits.
I selected my peaches and put them in the supplied plastic bag. At the checkout, the girl took my plastic bag of peaches and put them in another plastic bag. She then put my papaya in another plastic bag, giving me two bags to carry out.
Now I didn't mind having two bags to carry but I failed to see the point of putting the two sets of fruits in two separate bags and thereby creating more plastic waste. Maybe the idea is my delicate peaches might get bruised if I carry them in the same bag with the papaya. Oh fiddlesticks!
This wastefullness has been bugging me for a long time now ie.. my eggs in a separate plastic bag from my other groceries; each selection of meat in their own plastic bags then being put together into one plastic bag, or even left on their own. My soap gets a separate bag, I suppose so it doesn't end up making the bread smell like soap. Then don't put it in the bag with the bread. Just put it with the laundry detergent or shampoo or other bathroom product.
My cupboards are bulging with plastic bags that I then have to recycle. And some time back I saw a depressing show on sea animals, I think it might have been dolphins or seals, being caught up in plastic that somehow finds its way into the oceans.
Just like the bottled water, is this wasteful approach to bagging our groceries really necessary? Ah, I see another article has been posted on DJ saying that the city of Toronto is going to impose a tax on the use of plastic bags. I hope the tax is for the grocery stores first! They supply them!! If they didn't, we'd all start bringing in our own bags or boxes or whatever.
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