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Comwave comments on iPhone

By Sarawanan Ravindran     Jan 14, 2007 in Business
Comwave hold the Canadian rights to the iPhone name. They are a Toronto-based company and have made their first comments regarding Apple's iPhone now.
While Apple and Cisco are continuing to fight in out over the naming right over in the US. In Canada Comwave clearly holds the rights. And that may impact the products availablilty in Canada.
Comwave's President , Yuval Berzakay said that his company will not change its plans because these two big companies from the US also want to use the name. “There are tens of thousands of Canadians across Canada using the iPhone. It's an extremely successful product for us. And our plans are to forge ahead, unless we get legal opinion to do otherwise,” said Mr. Barzakay .
He also reitertated that there are currently no confirmed plans by either Apple or Cisco to release their products in Canada. So as of this point there is no case of copyright infringement. This may change in the next couple month or so as more details are available from Apple.
iPhone is really a common name for Internet Phone, so it may be smarter for Apple to rename it to something else and just call "iPhone" a codename. There are many other names that will work well such as iTouch, iMobile, MacPhone, Apple Phone, iTuch, etc. And I dont think its too late for them to rename it, because it's gpomg tp be tough for them to get the rights in every country.
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