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article imagePolice investigate 2 church fires half a mile apart

By bobSP     Jan 14, 2007 in Crime
Police are investigating two fires that were started a half mile apart in North Carolina..and a third was broken into. Police are also working to secure the churches around the clock.
While authorities haven't called the fires arson yet, but the fires were so intense and so large--and they were started less than a mile apart--the police have decided to treat them as crime scenes.
They have pretty much ruled out accidents..because usually accidental fires burn relatively slowly and these were very rapid burnings.
There have been no other fires in the area, but there was another break in--the third Baptist church in this group. Authorities say there weren't any injuries..and they are looking for more witnesses.
Currently, there are reports of a few witnesses that claim to have seen a person fleeing in a white vehicle just a few moments after one of the fires started...and the tires of three church vehicles were slashed.
The damages incurred are close to $1,000,000..something these just don't have.
These fires are quite reminiscent of those fires in Alabama..all were from Baptist churches..but those were 'pranks' and these seem to be greatly motivated by hate..Hopefully, if it turns out to be arson--which is very likely to--they will catch the perpetrator(s) and lock them up. These fires were very intense and could have been very deadly.
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