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Is he Really Guilty?

By Critical_Conformity     Jan 14, 2007 in Entertainment
O. J. Simpson's 'If I Did It' book was canceled. But what did he actually say? An exclusive look at the crucial chapter.
What is striking about the chapter I read, "The Night in Question," is how closely it tracks with the evidence in the caseā€”and how clearly Simpson invokes the classic language of a wife abuser. In his crude, expletive-laced account, Simpson suggests Nicole all but drove him to kill her. He describes her as the "enemy." She is taunting him with her sexual dalliances, he says, and carrying on inappropriately in front of their two children.
Readers may yet get their chance to judge the Simpson book for themselves. Galanter, Simpson's attorney, said last week that the rights to the book have already or will soon revert to the former football great (a spokesman for HarperCollins, of which ReganBooks was a part, declined to comment on any aspect of this story). Galanter wouldn't say if he has lined up a new publisher. More surprising was what Goldman family attorney Jonathan Polak had to say. Polak's pursuit of Simpson to pay the $33.5 million judgment has been largely fruitless; he's now attempting to claim the money ReganBooks paid for the book. He said he will also attempt to seize Simpson's copyright to the work. "This may be the one opportunity we have [to collect]," he said.
click on the link above and make sure you visit the photo gallery a look at where all the cast of characters are today.
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