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California Women's Faces Injected With Phony 'Filler'

By Carolyn E. Price     Jan 14, 2007 in Health
Ugliness in the Name of Beauty -- Phony Cosmetic Practitioner's Needle Work Leaves Some Clients Worried About Health -- Diane Ritchie, Lionel's ex also arrested
In Beverly HIlls, women flocked to the handsome doctor with the charming accent in the pursuit of what most women want, everlasting youth and beauty. However, that's not exactly what they got.
"Dr. Daniel" told the women they were beautiful and said they would look even better if their smile lines weren't so deep and for only $400 a shot. He told them he was injecting the latest fad in wrinkle fillers, Artecoll, that they had read about in all the fashion magazines. Apparently, the women did not think it was strange that he didn't wear gloves, wouldn't take cheques, didn't ask them if they had any allergies and was working out of a bathroom in the house of his girlfriend, Diane Ritchie.
However, Dr. Daniel Tomas Fuente Serrano was not licensed to practice medicine in the United States. And, he was not injecting them with Artecoll. Many of the injections he gave were liquid injectable silicone which is an industrial-grade material. One of it's better known uses: cleaning out machines.
Some of the women Fuente's injected have developed holes in their faces, lumpy skin and a myriad of other problems: permanently itchy eyes, disfigured faces with sagging cheeks and swollen eyes.
"That little skunk," Shawn King said when asked about Fuente recently. King is a television personality and country music singer who is married to CNN's Larry King. The Kings live in Beverly Hills, and Shawn had 10 injections done by Fuente. She was left with a little bump on her lower lip that swells occasionally. "I got a letter saying when he was going to be arraigned, and wish I would have gone back and just said, 'Daniel, tell me what you put in my face so I know what I'm living with the rest of my life,' " King said. "I have two small children, and I'd like to know what I'm in for."
Last month, Fuente struck a deal with prosecutors and he will serve 18-months. He has given prosecutors tips about four more Beverly Hills cosmeticians who are also smuggling and injecting cosmetic substances known as 'fillers' into women's faces.
His girlfriend, Diane Ritchie, ex-wife of Lionel Ritchie, will be arraigned in March. She allegedly referred people to Fuente and allowed him to use her bathroom for the injections.
Oh the things we do in pursuit of the fountain of youth! And now, these women know how to clean that fountain out as well!
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