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Family Dog Shot

By armdtrooper     Jan 13, 2007 in Crime
Family enraged after somebody shot there family dog
A family in the town androssan just 25km from Edmonton, are in shock as to why somebody would shoot there dog. Maria Down said she let her dog out in the front yard to play around 9:45 am when she went to get him her bichon friese was laying in the front yard in distress. It had been shot in the chest. Maria rushed her pet to the vet, the dog was in distress so the vet stabilized it but was unable to remove the bullet, the animals right lung had been punctured.
They will xray the dog next week, when he is stronger to see if they can remove the bullet from one of it's ribs. Maria heard no gun shot's and wonders why someone would shoot another family's pet. There are no leads as to who did this.
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