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article imageBig Stink Over Stowaway Skunk Stuck in Canada

By geozone     Jan 13, 2007 in World
"If this was any other animal, it wouldn't be a problem. It's because it's a skunk."
A California skunk fell asleep in a rubber pipe that was loaded onto a commercial rig in Torrance in late December. Within five days it had made a journey of 5,000 kilometers (over 3,000 miles), crossed the 49th parallel and found itself in another country--Canada.
Now wildlife officials in Toronto are scrambling to get the stowaway back to its native land. But it is not proving to be an easy task. No airline or trucking company is willing to provide transportation to the animal because it is too stinky.
Explained a spokesman for Air Canada, "We can't carry it unless its [scent] glands are removed. Otherwise, it will stink up the luggage hold."
Removing the skunk's scent glands is not an option as it will need them to defend itself in the wild.
One California company offered to ship the skunk back but at the cost of $6,000 US.
Even if a trucking company agreed to transport the skunk to California, it would require paperwork and permits for each of the states the skunk passed through. The skunk would also have to be declared at the border.
Remaining in Canada does not seem to be an option for the skunk either as it is against the law. The concern is it could spread diseases among the local population.
Until safe passage can be found for the 4 pound skunk, it is currently taking up residence at the Toronto headquarters of the Wildlife Centre.
You wouldn't think one little skunk could cause so many problems. I think it is only a matter of time before the little critter is returned to its home.
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